Monday 2 October 2017

AWOL in Llandeilo, Such Fun.

I have had a few lovely days and been completely away from all things "techy".

On Friday I went to one of my favourite places, Llandeilo. A small market town that is really full of tourist destination places. I don't live there so I am a tourist.
lots of places to enjoy a lush snack and tea or coffee, as many for a really good meal and some fast food places. A few charity shops and a couple of banks and a post office. There are none of the "high street shops" there is a small Co op and a local small supermarket style shop..
There is a wide  range of sole trader shops with lots of lovely things to encourage the money out of your purse. 

There is an ice cream and chocolate shop that sells the most amazing rose Turkish Delight. Guess how I know that.

Best Of All there is Deb's Wool Shop and the Flying Goose fabric shop, and that is where I was headed for on Friday and Saturday.

Sue and Rob, of the Flying Goose, hosted a Macmillan Coffee morning and I went and did my bit. Two bits of cake (with an hour or so breather in between) some raffle tickets ( a box of Celebrations brazenly stolen by the SO) and lots of chatter. Oh and I found a panel to make some wall hangings from.

I also had a little tuition on the till as on Saturday I manned the fort while Sue was at an event. Oh My Goodness it was FUN. I did have a blooper moment when my mind went blank on the till but I made a full recovery.

As long as Sue and Rob are happy with my performance I will repeat the exercise again. It was wonderful being surrounded by colour, I did quite a lot of stroking, and I may have planned another quilt or three.
Two customers came in together, both buying for projects, and selected lots of browns. Now I am not a big fan of brown, but seeing these bolts piled on a table, I may have to admit that I was drawn quite strongly to the richness. There were some lighter neutrals in the mix and I think that if I added some gold into the recipe.......... or maybe red. Watch this space.

I did make time to take photos, I just had to make myself put the fabric down.

Books, freezer paper and lots of notions.

Do you hear that? It's my heart racing.

Precuts, yummilicious layer cakes, jelly rolls and charms.

Threads in all colours and weights.

A slice of heaven round every corner.

Soft Snuggle fabrics.

The next 3 are on their sides, I can't get them to rotate.

Fat Quarters mmmmmmm.
 Before I forget, the shop goes back much further and there is a sewing group here on Thursday afternoons. I will be going this week and starting a new project (not yet decided upon). Maybe I will see some of you there one of these weeks.

Sunday was a stitchy day, I finished off the crumb quilt binding, I just have a little extra fancy sewing for the front to do. I made a cover for my little sewing machine and did the quilting on 2 wall hangings, and sewed the binding to the fronts ready for hand stitching down. I did get one done while watching Electric Dreams "The Commuter" with Timothy Spall ( goodness he has lost a lot of weight), I stuck with it to the end but can not say that it was a comfortable watch. Very thought provoking,it made me understand that doing what you consider to be the best thing may well be the very opposite.

Now it is coffee and cake o'clock.

See you later.

                             TTFN                                        Pam

PS. I didn't get round to making the lemon cake with the chickpea juice, but I will. Pam


  1. Sounds like you had a delightful time! I haven't made it there yet, but perhaps this week . . . I look forward to seeing your new project.

    I am quilt-making too, or rather, today, I am unpicking blocks and sashes and rehashing. Sigh. Do now sew when your brain isn't in residence . . .

  2. Oh Pam you know how to tease, I live too far away, we had a lovely holiday there a few years ago.

  3. What a lucky girl you were. Those fabrics are lovely.

    God Bless.

  4. In my dreams it would take all day to get there. The shop is indeed a dream all those bolts of fabric were a delight, I will take some of it all.

  5. How wonderful to spend so much time in a shop full of fabric. I have discovered a quilting shop about half an hour away from us and am looking forward to visiting there when Roz has time to take me. I really miss the shop at the little garden centre.....although my purse doesn'

  6. Oooh that would be like 7th heaven how lovely for you. I was winding yarn onto my swift when hubby put electric dreams on, yes it was shocking to see how much weight he’s lost. I admire him as an actor but I couldn’t make head nor tails of the programme x


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