Friday 27 October 2017

Sitting and stitching.

I have been absent but busy for the past 2 days. Wednesday was the hospital run and it was a looong draaawn out visit, they were running late so it was late afternoon before I got back. The upside was that I knitted lots of stitches on the Miette, one sleeve is ready to cast off, the other is at the start of the ribbing.

Yesterday it was "sit and sew" at The Flying Goose quilting shop, deep joy.
Chrissie aka The One Armed Bandit was there (I need a new name as she now has both arms back in use). I took along some of the fabric stash for her to play with and she sewed 2 of the 10 minute wonder blocks. These will become a pair of cushions for her home, they are from the Spice Trail fabric range by Fabric Freedom and have been languishing for far too long.

Meanwhile I was playing with some more deep stash fabric and making some padded bowl cosies.
Apparently they have been all over the internet recently so I am on trend for once. I saw them on a Jean Truelove podcast and remembered something similar from quite a while back. Anywho I did an Alice and jumped straight down that rabbit hole.

For this pair I used 10" squares and some Seasonal fabric, they are perfect for some of the plain white bowls and will probably hold nuts and sweets.

These were suggested for use in the microwave but that just didn't sound right or practical to me, of course what ever was being heated would spit and the fabric would get marked. You would have to use special wadding, probably very expensive, and I am sewing the stash so it wasn't an option.

Then I decided that it would be good to have some larger cosies for my pasta bowls, there is the odd time when we ignore the table and settle on the sofa to watch a film while eating. Bad, I know.
Trays take up so much room and are cumbersome, and slippy, so I used my 12 1/2" ruler to cut 8 squares. 4 from some bright batik and 4 from some pale blue chambray.

Sunglasses optional.

I stitched them up and they are just the job, I used fusible wadding as I had lots of odd bits floating about. On 2 of them I used some smaller scraps just butted up together, it worked and saved waste.

I will possibly definitely make a couple for Francesca to go with her table runner and get them sent off on Monday.

Now I think that it is Tea O'clock, I am off to Swansea later on to collect the Janome after it's service, it was ready earlier in the week but I haven't had time to get there till today.

                    TTFN                                                 Pam


  1. Pam, I use up wadding strips by butting them together and using a zig zag stitch on the machine to join them, I hate throwing batting away, often a pot holder or something similar can have two or three bits stitched together. I use the same method on Insul Bright the special heat resistant wadding wadding for table mats, runners pot holders etc. I buy my IB from a warehouse 2 yards 36" wide at a time.

    1. I buy my wadding on a large roll, it is a nuisance to store but works out so much cheaper and i never run out. I have some IB that I bought ages ago, don't remember where from but it was a special offer. I will soon need to buy some more. I save every bit of wadding possible, thin strips become straps and really skinny bits get used to add texture.

  2. I love them, such a pretty but practical make.

    1. They are very fast to make, it takes longer to mark and cut the darts than it does to sew them.

  3. What a brilliant idea these bowl cosies are and so pretty. I crocheted some for our camping bowls as the food cools down so quickly.They weren't half as pretty as yours.

    1. I will be trying them out tonight, curry and rice and a movie is on the menu.

  4. I actually saw a post the other day about microwave bowl cozies too, and I thought I could make one, but then decided it was too complicated for my overloaded mind these days lol...your bowl cozies really look nice!

  5. I've used cotton batting and cotton fabric to make these especially for the microwave. They are washable too!! Makes eating things reheated in the microwave easy to handle!!

  6. I am thinking of making some of these for our oldest DS for Christmas. I have lots of suitable fabric in my stash. While I wouldn't use them in the microwave, I think they would be perfect for using for my soup bowls as you did your spaghetti bowls.

    God bless.

  7. What a brilliant idea and soooo pretty.....especially the red ones.


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