Sunday 3 May 2020

Busy, rest, Busy, rest .......

Yesterday was a mixed bag of frenetic activity and pure idleness.
I did some speed weeding interspersed with sitting on my btm and reading. 
I went into overdrive on the laundry front and consequently now have a small mountain (perhaps it's a hill) of ironing. It will need ironing as there was sun but no wind to smooth out the wrinkles.

Amazingly Michael suddenly appeared clasping an armful of laundry late afternoon?! 
Where did he hide it.
Why did he hide it.
Did it creep in from another house.
Did it start life as a lonely sock and just self pollinate.
Have we entered the Twiglet Zone.

Doesn't matter, it is all on the whirlygig.
Along with a forest of hand knitted socks (maybe a small sheeps worth), some of which may be mine, that have been slowly accumulating. 

I am running out of ground space so have cast my eyes skywards.
Anything that can be persuaded to grow up will be greatly encouraged to do so. 
I have ventured out to cut some more hazel poles, an armful are leaning against the wall and another will soon follow. A great deal of cutting back and coppicing has been going on close to me, the cut wood has just been dumped in piles. I asked nicely and was told to fill my boots! I would rather fill my arms. It is wonderful what effect a jar of chunky, slightly bitter homemade marmalde can have.

It can even get you bags full of well rotted manure, 2nd delivery arriving later today, cue a happy dance.

The weather report is for an overcast day. The sun is streaming through my window right now but there are large patches of flat greyish cloud around.

Roast Lamb for dinner tonight, Welsh of course, just a small joint so a minted lamb Oggy will be on the menu for Tuesday.
We had spicy pork wraps last night with salad from the garden, lush.

Thanks to my well stocked pantry, and my need to keep a stock of all essentials, we have not struggled for anything. My bread flour and yeast supplies are shrinking now and those are as rare as hot snow. If I do run out we will use the local bakery, their bread is good but we prefer homebaked.

The Morrisons  food boxes are not bad at all, I sent one to my sister in Norfolk who was stuggling to get most things. They are fine as an occasional purchase but you still need other things.

Vegetable seeds are creeping back onto shelves, I am told that home bargains and poundstretcher have some.

The only seeds that I did not have were butternut squash and sweetcorn. I will miss them but will grow extra of other veg.

One good result os this rush to grow your own is that the seed for next year will be fresh.

The fruit trees have, and the apples still have, a tremendous amount of blossom. I can see myself thinning out after the June drop and the Czar plum that was on St. Julien semi vigorous root stock has passed 20 ft. I may need to grow some wings, or borrow a cherry picker and lop the top off.

On that note it is time for coffee, the machine has been hissing and spitting like a Kilkenny cat but all is quiet now.

Take care and stay safe.

                              TTFN                                 Pam


  1. Our house is much the same, too much time so we are pacing any jobs, the garden is good, greenhouse full of seedlings, all flowers sadly. Crafting time is brilliant, luckily hubby is a book worm and reads alot.

  2. I'm so glad you're back, Pam, reading your blog is a joy.

  3. You were very busy. Can't say the same here at all.

    God bless.

  4. You've been busy!

    I should think this is one year where we hope for a bumper harvest of EVERYTHING growing on our plot. I should have enough apples to trade, that's for certain, with 5 trees' worth!

  5. I too am thankful that I keep a well stocked pantry so have been ok with most things. My daughter found some flour when she was shopping and was able to get a bag each for us.


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