Thursday, 28 March 2013

How did THAT happen?

Today was shopping day, that ought to be written in flames, I shopped fro the week ahead, I stocked up on a few items that were on offer, I hasten to add that these are all things that I buy regularly. I still had change from my budget of £50. All well and good.

Then off to the petrol pumps, the tank was not empty and petrol at T***o is the cheapest in the area it cost me £43 and change. Nearly £6 more than the shopping, I did the classic double take, checked that I had not filled up with the premium brand I even went into the kiosk and asked them to check. All correct but most definitely not all right!

I did work extra hours last week meaning that as we both work at the same firm the car did a double trip at the end of the shift so the extra cost was more than covered. BUT that is not the point and does not make it any more palatable.

I shop for 3 adults and 2 dogs, we waste nothing, I buy very carefully and cook every meal from scratch. I make my own Laundry "gloop" and use diluted white vinegar as fabric conditioner. this helps to keep my shopping bills down. I have to buy petrol, I go to the cheapest and the nearest supplier, that is why I shop where I do

I read mean queen's blog post earlier and was impressed by her savings. As I said in a comment , if I retired my petrol bill would reduce dramatically, I could shop at the optimum time for savings and would have all the time i need to do all the things that I would like to do.

I would no longer pay tax, taking money out of the system, only a drop in the ocean I know. I would buy less, no longer requiring "work" clothes. Cut down on laundry and water  and electricity costs would fall.

I begin to understand the benefit trap, why would anyone choose to get a job when their income falls and their outgoings increase. I ask again. How did that happen? Why did it take me so long to realise?

By the way my meal plan for the next week is not extravagant
Thursday    Homity pie and cabbage
Friday        Homemade fish cakes and salad
Saturday    Homemade Pizza
Sunday      Roast Lamb...1 leg at £4 per kilo cost £8, 3 meals for 3 people 89p per meal + stock.
Monday    Vegetable curry and rice homemade onion bhajis and naan bread
Tuesday    Shepherds Pie and vegetables, left over lamb.
Wednesday Wheat, lentil and veg soup using some of the lamb stock with dumplings
Any comments gratefully accepted. TTFN Pam


  1. Hi i have only just found your blog and have enjoyed reading it particularly about outgoings increasing due to work its been the same for me this week spent £72 and don't even go back till next week.
    P.s Whats homity pie?

    1. A mixture of veg in a sauce under a pastry crust, today I used 2 leeks, a bag of frozen red onion, parsnips, swede and carrot from the freezer. Some veg stock and milk to make the sauce and a dollop each of mango chutney and curry paste. I made suet pastry as I fancied a really crisp crust. Oh and I put some grated cheddar in just because I could.

    2. Thanks I wondered what homity pie was, too. Just found your blog via another. Gas prices have become quite high here, but I understand they may still be slightly lower than yours.

      We live in a rural area and have to drive to get to town. I try to cram as many errands into one day as I can when we do make the trip.

  2. That pie sounds good - I'll try that - I do a cheese potato and leek pie on a Thursday to use up the left over potatoes and leeks - petrol costs are ridiculous - we get through £400 worth of petrol every month we put ours in at sainsburys and then the nectar points I save each week goes towards the wine for Xmas xx

  3. Hi Pam, so glad you have added a followers button.

    Well done with the shopping, I really feel for you as regards the petrol. When my hubby worked he had a firms van and never had to pay anything for fuel we were so lucky, I worked fairly local about 7 miles away so it didn't cost that much to get there and back. When I decided to leave my job, even though I didn't earn a great deal of money, it made me look into what we were spending. I didn't realise just how much was going out in dribs and drabs just through working! I have more time to spend now on day to day living costs and feel I'm doing ok. I love being at home with my hubby and have no intention of getting another job. I'm 57 and hubby 60, we live on his private pension comfortably but carefully. I count my blessings daily x

  4. Pam can you tell me how to make the sauce please? My cooking skills are a bit poor . Do we just mix all them ingredients together and chuck it in for the sauce?

    1. Miss Ipie,
      No probs, I soften the veg in a saute pan with some buttery stuff, about 50g, with a lid on for 10 to 15 minutes. Then stir in enough cornflour to soak up the buttery juices, pour in stock and milk and stir it well over a medium heat, i add it a little at a time until it is as thick as I want it, I do not add seasoning as my homemade stock is full of flavour. Then I add cheese if I want some and any extra flavourings, some times wholegrain mustard. Let this cool down before putting in the pie dish. hope this helps. Pam


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