Saturday, 23 March 2013

Deep and everlasting joy, it is snowing again, that puts paid to any thoughts of washing and housework, not that I  had too many of those, a day playing in the kitchen is called for.
One of my colleagues at work is leaving soon for pastures new, he has a penchant for my cappuccino cake so I will make him one and take in tonight. I work night shift and love it as I run on very little sleep so I get lovely long afternoons.
I do not watch a whole lot of television but I do like like Diners,Drive-ins and Dives and watch it now and then. A few days ago I caught an episode where a chef made burgers with bacon and griddled macaroni cheese, we like all of those but have given up bread for lent so I plan on making this into a pie with some shortcrust pastry. To add a bit of a healthy option I will use 1% milk, wholewheat pasta, lean steak mince and put a layer of spinach and one of broccoli in there somewhere.We will have a pile of salad with it dressed with balsamic vinegar and orange juice. We have very healthy food all week and Saturday is our homemade "take away" night, I make it myself because I am fussy about what I eat, I am far too tightfisted to pay the price for bad take away never mind the good stuff ( if there is such a thing) and I enjoy the time in the kitchen.
I have a sewing project on the go, well 1 or 5 really, and need to spend a little time on that. I am making a pouffe for a family member, I have cut out the main pieces in a heavy cream cotton and have pinned some large Hexie flowers around the sides and 1 on the top, I want to put 2 bands of patterned fabric in the side panel, top and bottom, and insert a zip so that the cover can be removed for washing. I am making this up as I go and will endeavor to post a photo as soon as there is something worth seeing.
That's it for now I have only had 1 cup of tea and need at least 2 more before I can function. TTFN Pam


  1. your sewing sounds fun, remember to post a picture when you finish.

  2. Hi Pam, thank you for the comment over on my blog! Its a lovely big friendly blog community out there, I love it, even though these days my time seems to be at a premium. Hope you are going to enjoy it! I couldnt find an icon to join as a follower though?

  3. Hi, I just blog hopped here from another blog. Sounds like you're a very busy person with lots of hobbies. Good luck with the blogging, you'll soon get the hang of it. Love your patchwork background.
    Love from Mum

    1. Yes Mum, I love to be busy I think it was my Grandmother " the devil makes work for idle hands" was her mantra. BTW your recipes are very popular at work. Pam x


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