Friday, 22 March 2013

A New Begining

Well, I have decided that the time is right to jump in at the deep end and start blogging about the eclectic tangle that is my life. I have been reading, following and putting my "four pennies worth" as comments on a number of blogs for a fair while now.
I read crafting blogs, sewing and quilting in particular, Frugal, Thrifty, Chatty and Gardening, blogs, anything that takes my eye really.
I love to grow to eat, although last year I threw the towel in and let the wild life have whatever was above water level, and I really love cooking to eat. Best of all I love to eat.
I am a fabricaholic and am building up a stash of both new and thrifted fabric ready for retirement. I am working full time at the moment but negotiating cutting down to 3 days a week before giving up completely. This should have started but work is manic at the moment and heels are being dragged, If someone does not get their but into gear soon I will have to take the bull by the horns and go "cold turkey" and retire now.
My fairly big garden is just sitting there waiting for some TLC and lots of sweat and my sewing machines would love a service and then some hard work.
I live in South Lincs and several of the bloggers that I follow are in my area, it would be good to have the time to maybe meet them "in the flesh", I would have the time to go for a bimble with meanqueen, have you seen her fitness workout? wow, Jane Fonda eat your heart out!
I think perhaps I should shut up now before I bore someone to tears, if there is anyone out there bear with me. I will find out how to post photos and add all the bells and whistles that you all have. Oh and I will try to post regularly and not ramble too much. I feel an attack of the munchies coming on, I would love some toast and marmite but gave up bread for Lent, so I will have some celery dipped in hummus instead. TTFN Pam 


  1. Welcome to blogland. The only thing I would say about posting photographs is: if you have some way off cutting them down to 10 x 15 cm (ish) and only 72 pixels, you will have lots of room. The free photographic storage sits on a linked picasa site (no, none of us knew this, I found out by accident). If you just upload, you will run out of space very quickly.

    1. Thank you for that info DC I will have a look at that, I just upload and it miraculously resizes and publishes them lol

  2. Hello Pam and welcome to blogland, you will soon get the hang of things and I will be a follower once you get organised, meanwhile I have bookmarked this page.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog and I will look forward to reading and commenting on your life's journey.

    Take care
    Karen x

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging, we too are in lincs just north of lincoln off the a15


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