Saturday 30 March 2013

A Cabin and a Competition

Log Cabin Flimsy.
Good Morning, Here as promised is my Quilt top, it looks a bit droopy as I am not tall enough to hold it taught. It is  King size and I am going to back it with flannel, both for the warmth and to stop it slithering around on the bed. I have some "warm and natural" wadding ready and should start it today. Problem is that I saw a quilt block on one of the blogs that I read and fell in love with it. I have pulled a stack of fabric from my stash and will start cutting soon.

I am going to fussy cut the blue birds to make a center square and then use each print to make a frame. When I have made a few I will post a photo and give credit to the blog post.
Please ignore the creases I will be pressing them all before I start cutting.
My new project.
How about a little competition with a prize. I like to name my quilts and I have no idea what to call this. I usually think about who to make a quilt for, then pick the fabrics and then the name comes to me. This time I just jumped straight in, saw the quilt, fell in love and raided my stash. So if you like to suggest a name I will put all entries into a container and pick one out. the winner will get a cushion case of this block.
There is no jumping through hoops to enter, you do not have to be a follower but if you are you will get 2 entries and to be totally fair my current followers will get an extra entry. I will do the draw thingy on Easter Monday 17:00hrs  local time.

We had the fishcakes for dinner yesterday, I was going to take a photo but hunger got the better of us, I will try for tonight's pizza. The sourdough is still smelling wonderful, tomorrow I am going to make spitfire sourdough bread from my Paul Holly wood book. BTW this is not an advert I love the book and no body paid me to mention it, but if he happens to read this and would like to offer me a lesson .........
Naughty naughty.
I am off to iron my fabric and get started, I could do some housework but I am not. TTFN Pam 


  1. To call the new quilt with the bluebirds? Spring Rhapsody However, I'm too far away for you to worry about entering me in a contest.

    I do love the log cabin quilt. I want to make myself one!

  2. Replies
    1. I like this I love a bit of alliteration. Pam

    2. You would not believe I have a degree just had to ask my 14 year old what was alliteration was oh the shame x

  3. Will have to have a think about another one x


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