Sunday, 24 March 2013

I would say "Morning All" but it is afternoon now, I was at work till 6 this morning and have just crawled out of bed and had my first cup of tea, why is the first one of the day soooo good? 2 more and I will be human once more.

The sun is shining and my south facing lounge is filled with light and I can see my resident spider has been busy, every day for weeks now I remove a web from one of my wall lights, you think he would have got the message by now. Has to be a man, no self respecting lady spider would continue to waste her time.

Today's dinner will not be roast as the chicken is still in the freezer, I have 3/4 of a salmon and spinach tart made from Frugal Queen's recipe and a spiced chickpea and mushroom bake so there will be jacket potatoes and salad to go with them. lazy day food, love it.

No sewing today, the ironing basket is poised to take over the world and needs curtailing and Ben loves to walk in the snow, he has been in the garden and is now pulling the snowballs of his feet, he is 1/2 Spaniel and has furry feet that cling on to snow.

I am taking part in SFT's sealed pot challenge and threw in the change from my purse last night, anther £6.37 towards Christmas in Wales. It was going to be a trip to Australia but my friend who dog sits for me is very ill and there is nobody else that I can ask. Kennels are out of the question so Wales it is. I have booked a cottage for a week in May and another in August in Ceredigion  and hopefully my friend will be well enough to come with me for at least 1 of those, she loves the area as much as I do.

My washing machine has just finished spinning so I am off to empty and restart it and make more tea, a quick sprint through the shower, more tea and kick start my day. TTFN  Pam



  1. My hubby does 8 til 8 nights so life is a little upside down here at times. I don't drink tea but the first coffee always tastes good, it's also the only one i finish all the rest get left(and reheated) when I get busy :)

    Wales is great I am sure you will have a great time

    1. I love Wales, we stay in the Cardigan area but have days out and about, we are aiming for North Wales next visit, probably 1 night in a B&B to cut the travelling and increase the looking time.
      I work nights by choice as it gives me long afternoons, but will be cutting back to 3 days a week soon and giving up altogether by the end of the year. So much that I want to do no time for work.


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