Friday, 29 March 2013

A very Good Friday

Last night,s Dinner, Look no cabbage
Good morning, good morning a very good Good Friday morning to all. It is SORTED, as from Monday 1st April I am only working 3 days a week, now I know that it is All Fools Day, and from one point of view I am a Fool. One of my young colleagues moved house yesterday and I am covering his shifts tomorrow and Sunday, he is also taking the following week off so I will cover the full week for him. I am happy to do so, he is a lovely young man and besides his Granny is my neighbour and friend.
As you see from my picture we did not have cabbage ,with the homity pie, When I took the stock out of the freezer I looked at the bags of sprouts and just had to have them. I froze these down 2 days before Christmas. Work gave every employee a veg box  and several people took the bags of sprouts out to discard.  Waste not want not and never look a gift horse in the mouth I thought, so I offered to remove the offending articles and gathered up 12 or so bags, I will eat them through the year we all love them.

I have to decide now how to use my extra 2 days off per week to the best, I can break out my Log Cabin Quilt top and get that layered and basted and decide how to quilt it As it is so traditional I may tie it, I tied 2 quilts last year and found it relaxing, although my fingers ached when I had finished.

I nearly forgot to tell you that I made bread yesterday ready for today's  breakfast Bacon Butties , I love alliteration. I took my sourdough out of hibernation earlier in the week and coaxed it back to life, oh the smell, after 40 days I had forgotten that Earthy, Sweet, Beery smell. I suppose that I only noticed because it had been missing, it is normally just part of the home so I am accustomed to it. Anyhow it was so good to have it back.  I just made the one loaf and will make more tomorrow when I make the Pizza base.

I just have to peel the potatoes ready for tonight's fishcakes, have my second cup of tea and then I have a Hot Date with the ironing, while it is set up I will get the log Cabin top out and give a once over and get a photo for tomorrow.

last but by no means least I have FIVE wonderful followers, in no particular order I say Hello and Welcome to Cottonreel, Miss Ipie, Trudie, Frugal in Bucks and Flourgirl, I hope to keep you entertained with my ramblings. TTFN Pam.


  1. Whoo Hoo!!! 2 extra days off every week! you will have absolutely no problem finding things to do. With summer on its way (haha) there will be plenty gardening to do and lots of pottering about. You will have more time for sewing, baking and maybe a walk or two. The possibilities are endless :-)

    Lovely pie, I love sprouts, in fact I love all veg. Your bread sounds really nice, I have never made any sourdough but have bought the bread from a deli along with some goats cheese and olives for a posh picnic, it was a lovely combination. Pizza is on the menu for us tomorrow, the dough will be made in the breadmaker with some nice olive oil and the topping will be the trimmings from the gammon joint I will be cooking in the morning.

    Enjoy your Easter
    Karen x

  2. Mmm! That looks good!

    Log cabin is probably my favorite quilt pattern. Can't wait to see photos of what you are making.


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