Saturday, 19 October 2013

All Sewed Up

The Mugrug mark 2 is finished, and although I am pleased with it I still want to develop it further.

It will be off to my swap partner on Monday. I made another for Francesca to take to work.

This one has a binding, at Fran's request, a fiddly job but finished and in her work bag ready to go.

I went to Wisbech this morning and finished off my stock up shopping, Flour from Asda and first aid supplies from an assortment of shops. I also picked up some clear storage jars at a good price. The ones with a rubber seal and a wire clip closure, they now hold my tea, coffee and sugar. I had metal ones but sometimes struggle with the lids, my grip is not so good some days. I can manage these even on a bad day, anyone care to guess where the old ones are going!
I stocked up on sweeties for Halloween, if the weather is so bad that no children are out (like last year) I will take them to work, plenty of children there, of all ages!
I have found a gadget up the Amazon that is a ruler with a rotary cutter attached, all you do is line it up, put the palm of your hand on the cutter and push across the slot in the ruler. This is now on my wish list and will be mine, it will be fantastic on the days when my grip goes. I looked at the soft grip rotary cutters but they are very pricey and i am not sure that they would work for me.

It was Apple Day in Wisbech and there was a stall on the market, I am happy to say that not only could I name many of the varieties, I also have some of the rarer ones in the garden. They had some Laxton Superb but they were very small, I had these in another garden and they were huge, much bigger than the Howgate Wonder that I have now.

We are having "copy cat pie" for dinner tonight, I was reading blogs first thing, while drinking cups of tea 1,2 and 3 and found a recipe for Leek, bacon and potato pie, it was on" Smallholding, Pleasure or Profit", it looked good and the decision was made. I did leave a comment saying so. I may tweak the recipe slightly who knows, not me until I start cooking. I want to make a batch of sausage rolls and an apple crumble tart for Neville so the oven will be full.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Swap mugrug all parceled up ready to post.

2. Work tonight will be a doddle, the cooking list has dropped down so I should have a half shift.

3. I took Ben for another run earlier, no creaking or wheezing.

4. The leaves are falling fast now, lots of leaf mould in my future.

5. The plan for next years gardening is almost done. I am day dreaming about more fruit trees. But where to fit them in?

I want to go through my fabric in the next few days, I have been pulling from all my containers and I know that it has not all gone back to the right places, possibly a job for Monday. I do have a box for the charity shop and need to move that on Monday as well, I will buy milk for the week then, it always has the longest date on Mondays.

I feel the need for a cup of tea so it must be time for..................

                            TTFN      Pam.

BTW I have spent a great deal of money this weekend, but it is only just over half of what I saved by "using it up" so I am still in profit.
I have bought fabric and paid for a sewing course but that comes out of  my "mad money" and I have not spent out. I have enough money to upgrade my sewing machine I am just waiting to spot a really good deal.
I may not seem to be living a frugal lifestyle but as i have said before, I have no mortgage and no debts. No credit cards, store cards or any other means of buying on credit. Read Frugal Queen, I would hate to have ever been in the same position that she has had to dig her way out of.


  1. Is that Cath Kidston fabric for the mugrug? If it isnt its very similar and it is very pretty.

  2. No Anne, it is Bonnie & Camille from Moda, I use a lot of their collections but wait until they are on offer or sale before buying.

  3. Love the little mugrug idea .. and so pretty.
    I too have been musing on the leaf mould possibilities ... nothing must be wasted .. ha ha !

    Vicky x

    1. The soil in my garden is very light and free draining, as i plant quite closely I like to pump as many nutrients as I can into it. Leaf mould helps to lighten up my homemade compost. I use equal parts of each and sharp sand for my seed trays.


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