Friday, 4 October 2013

Thank Heaven it's Friday

I can hardly comprehend the fact that it is Friday already, it seems that I turned round twice and a whole week has evaporated.

I had a busy night at work and we were well on the way to a good finish when the power went from all my equipment. I lost 98Kg of cooked pasta as I could not winch it out of the cook pot. The engineers were working hard to find and rectify the fault but from 4.00 we only had intermittent power and could do no more cooking.

Dinner last night was really very good, I know self praise is worth nothing, but it was very good.

This was 4 Pork spare ribs that I bought RDC for £1.90, I removed the meat from the bones and put it into a sachet ot AF smoky barbecue marinade, with a little extra garlic puree (home made) and a squidge of tomato puree. This sat happily in the fridge for 4 hours.

These came out of a 5Kg bag that was £1.75 making them 25p for both. I baked these in their skins.

A bag of WSR salad free from work, that is Watercress, Spinach and Rocket, nice and peppery.

I added a little grated cheese to the potato and 1/2 a mango, 5p each from the staff shop. This was my dinner, I only had a little of the pork to try, I was not in a "meat place"
Francesca had a potato turned into wedges cost 35p, this brought the total cost up to £3.00 ish. Add in the electric cost and the fact that there is a portion of cooked pork in the fridge and I think we had a feast, it was not super cheap but over the course of a week it all evens out.
BTW I was in Sutton for the market today and those flat mushrooms are on offer for £1.50 for 4 on a plastic tray, I now have 2 bags of sliced and 2 bags of diced in the freezer and enough in the fridge for some treats over the weekend. 4 will find themselves stuffed with blue brie, 75p RDC, breadcrumbs from the freezer and fresh herbs from the garden, nestled into a pile of salad, free from work and garden they will make an excellent dinner. I smuggle the finely diced ones into dishes for Francesca, she likes the flavour but not the texture and I work on the premise that what she does not see she does not worry about.

I have a guilty secret, I am convinced that I am not alone in this. In my kitchen drawer I have a collection of part used plastic wrap rolls. You know the ones, they start off fine unrolling, doing the job, then either they get reluctant to open up or one end clings on for dear life and you pull off a strip that gradually narrows to 2". You anchor 1 end under something and use both hands to unravel some only to have it burst into life and curl up in a ball. So you cuss a bit and throw it in the general direction of the bin and start again, this time you use 2 things to anchor it down and carefully and soooooo slowly unravel some more and just when you think it is safe to breath PING you now have a neatly wrapped wrist with 2 fingers and your thumb encased in plastic.

ENOUGH I say and hide it under the tea towels, hoping that the kitchen fairy will work some magic. I was most unfrugal and bought this.

It is simply wonderful, dear, but so easy and no waste. I will never go back to wrestling and sweating with ordinary plastic wrap again.

That is my confession for the day and I feel better for sharing.

Before I forget, Foster Mummy from My Beautiful Life has lost her old blog and all her records.  Her new blog address is WWW.  If you are a follower get over and say hullo, if you are not WHY NOT!

FM writes wonderful posts and has lots of useful tips if you are of the Frugal persuasion and if you are not it is still a good read.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. The smoker is on with a piece of brisket cooking away.

2. Michael is cooking dinner.

3. Michael is making coffee ( he has made twice)

4. Ben and I had a lovely walk in the sunshine.

5. My lovely neighbour Neville picked me around 2Kg of blackberries. That is a cake going his way later.

Another rambling post but you know me by now, why use 1 sentence when a paragraph is available.

I have a baby quilt to make,  one of my colleagues and long time friend and his wife have a little girl, Daniella born  yesterday afternoon. I am off to look through my stash and get cutting, I will use the girly fabric that I won from Miss Ginger to back it with.

I have a white and black print to make the binding and loads just enough fabric to choose from for the front.

So on that note it is                         TTFN                             Pam


  1. Sound like you're having a wonderful, if speedy week - have a great week end!

  2. I discovered the cling film dispenser a few years ago and can definitely back you up on that one. My tip when using it, go gently when you press to cut and it will come out right every time. If you stab at it it so eti es does a partial cut and then you have to tear.

    It sounds like you have a useful job there Pam, with lots of cooking and free or reduced purchases available. What is it you do?

    1. I am a deli cook in a factory that also does leaf salads, we supply a major supermarket chain and are part of a multi national company.

  3. I'm glad its just not me with the cling film!
    Those damn kitchen fairies have a lot t answer for .... where are they when you need them?

    Vicky x

    1. I think they have gone south for the winter. lol


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