Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A Happy Tuesday, A Gift and A Reunion.

To day dawned bright and sunny and reasonably warm, enough so that I did not need a jacket when walking Ben. I seized the moment and bustled two loads of laundry through the machine and on to the line. After going to the library and changing my books I gave the bathroom a good going over. The window is always open and the wind that we did have has driven dust and tiny bits of dead foliage into all the nooks and crannies. I took the time to go through the cabinet and turf out everything that had been put back empty! and wipe all the sticky residue off the bottles of shampoo etc. Tomorrow I will tidy the linen cupboard, again. It was a step too far for today.

Last night Ben decided to destroy the sofa only to turn into a moonstruck softy when Francesca sat next to him.

The Postie brought me a parcel yesterday, I thought that I would save it to share today

Looks a little  ordinary, well looks can be deceiving.

Bit more interesting now.

I have a visitor, he has come from Anglesey for some TLC and will then go to a new home to be loved as befits a legend. I have the power to put him back together without help from the kings men. The missing bits are all there and I have some Boy fabric to make him a carry sack, which can double as a sleeping bag.

There was more in the parcel.

This lovely fabric, some of which has been cut to go into a project already.

This lace collar, I have a plan to incorporate it into a mini quilt to hang near my sewing machine.

This piece of lace will also be used, I just hope that my hands can make what my mind can see.

Thank you Vicky, I will have fun with these.

Now to the reunion. I had an email from " The person once known as The Silver Sewer" I have a link to her new abode, if anyone would like to find her leave a comment and I will forward it to her.
I am going to catch up with her new blog later with a cup or 3 of tea. She was plagued by Trolls so felt that a move was necessary.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Laundry done, dry and ready to iron.

2. Curry and rice from the freezer for a quick easy dinner.

3. Ben fit as a fiddle and playing with an old toy.

4. Francesca had another work from home day as the trains were still "iffy" this morning.

5. My smallest jeans are now a bit on the loose side.

I am now about to dive into a cup of tea so 
                                    TTFN                            Pam


  1. Ooo curry sounds nice .. I have a pork chop under the grill .. why does someone else's meal always sound nicer.
    I thought you would enjoy a fresh bit of fabric to play with ... have fun... dont get too carried away with this cleaning lark!

    And I wouldn't mind Silver Sewers new id ... maybe she could email me ... if she wants me .. as it were!

    Vicky x

    1. Curry was good, Fran had rice I had a crust of bread with mine, rice would have been too much. The fabric is lovely and i will have fun. The cleaning is done for a while, I come over all unnecessary sometimes and think I am a domestic goddess, then reality clicks in and I settle down to sewing, cooking and gardening.

  2. What a lovely parcel, you will certainly enjoy playing with the contents. Don't overdo it with the cleaning - although I am sure you back will soon remind you if you do!! I think everyone took advantage of some yellow stuff today to catch up with washing - I was very happy as a full load washed and dried - yippee!! (so easily pleased!) X

  3. What a nice package you received. I was happy to reconnect with Silver Sewer at her new blog. Ilona at 'Life after Money' posted it on her blog. I would love to find out if 'Hard up Hester' is blogging under a new name as I really enjoyed her blog. How nice that you are back into your 'skinny' jeans. It must be all the cleaning, and dog walking you do.

    1. Look at my blog list and go and see Snitty Kitty.They are not really skinny jeans, just my smallest pair. I bought them in Oz on my first visit to my brother, it had been a very hard year and I was at my lowest weight for years. They were a bit too big but I needed loose clothes as it was 38 c.

  4. Wool and fabric, my favourite type of parcel. I'd love to have Silver Sewer's new address as I used to follow her blog.

  5. What a great parcel, I'm sure all that fabric will be put to very good use. Ben is such a cutie, he looks so cuddly. Another nice day again here today, though it's quite cold, I had my coat zipped up when I walked Archie earlier.

    1. Ben is a very cuddly dog, and very playful. When we rescued him he did not know how to play and did not know what a cuddle was. He was a fast learner.


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