Thursday, 17 October 2013

More Sewing,and how much shopping!

Well well well, internet connection! How long will it last I ask myself?
Work was easy enough last night and I had slept for 6 hours so was refreshed and raring to go.
So much so that we finished early and I left at 3.30 and was home by 3.45.
I made the binding for Fran's Jelly Roll Jam Quilt, which I had quilted the day before, just a simple Serpentine up and down. The batting that i use really clings onto fabric so close quilting is not needed, giving a really soft, snuggly feel.

Here it is rolled up and ready to go through Toya.

Binding by the yard, I like this print, it frames the quilt but does not overpower, I bought quite a lot just for this purpose.

Quilt trimmed and binding pressed ready for tomorrow, then once finished it will be packed away ready to move to London.

I was hoping to do some sewing today but ran out of time. because it was a sunny day I scraped a load of laundry together and once that was on the line I wrote my shopping list.
I put it nice and handy on Toya and that is where it stayed. Off  I went to visit Mr S and handed over £123 plus change!!!
That sounds a great deal of money but it is dry goods, dog food, ketchups, pepper sauces, mustards, and so on for around 2 months. I found some tins of chopped tomatoes in the Ethnic section for 25p  so stocked well up, a 5 Kg bag of Basmati rice for £6, some intriguing beetroot horseradish and 2 tins of chick peas for 25p. I do use dried but it is handy to have a tin for a fast meal.
I did venture down the meat section and 6 packs of cooking bacon jumped into my trolley, several weeks worth of meals.
 I did buy some new slippers and 6 pairs of socks too.

I still have plenty of meat in the freezer and some fish, all I will need to buy weekly is perishables. Next time I am in Wisbech I will stock up on flour from either Aldi or Asda as their prices are the best.

I have missed out my reasons to be grateful for the last 2 posts, rush, hurry, rush rush. There are many reasons in my life to be grateful for and the main one is my health.
during the week I went to Sutton to change my library books, I popped into the Co op to get milk and stood in the basket queue behind someone a few years younger than me but looking at least 10 older. He was buying cigarettes, scratch cards and lottery tickets, he joked about how he would spend his winnings. 
I could only think how I would far rather be healthy than rich. I do not long to be rich but I yearn to stay healthy. 
I read frugal Queen,s blog about her journey to fitness this year and her plans to continue next year. She has got it so right.
Any how I have to go now and get dinner on the way, I will have a ravenous Francesca home soon.          TTFN                Pam


  1. great curious about the batting...what do you use??? also,we have Aldi's here in Eastern NC USA and one just down the road from our house where I shop fact we need toilet paper and theirs is the !!!

    1. I use White and natural for pale quilts and warm and natural for darker ones, the batting is needle punched and my patchwork just seems to stick to it. It says on the packaging that you can quilt up to 8 niches apart but I usually sew every 6 inches.

  2. I am totally confused by your quilting commentary, no I do not want an explanation, just mentioning it! ;-)

  3. Quilt looks great and I just love that edging fabric.
    Would you email me your address then I can send Humpty to you ... thanks x


    1. It is sent, I will mend him, dress him and gift him on. I may even whip up a little quilt for him, I have some "boy" fabric without soldiers!

  4. I really love your quilt Pam. As always, you have made a great job of it.

    1. Thank you Anne, It is a very easy pattern and went together fast.

  5. beautiful quilt pam i envy your sewing skills . I though i did well hemming my sons pants i will really have to start pratcising a bit more would love to be able to make half of the stuff you do x

    1. I love sewing, I would like an extra day a week really. I am not quite ready to give up work completely, but it is close. Then I will have to be careful not to become glued to the sewing machine.


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