Friday, 18 October 2013

A Friday Finish and an Idea

Hi de Hi, I am late on parade but I have been busy, I went to the market this lunchtime and got my veggies in for the week.
Walked Ben and had 2 cups of tea , I did not stop to enjoy one before shopping as the Market closes quite early and I did not want the dregs.
I have finished the Jelly Roll Jam quilt.

Here it is just pulled away from Toya, who by the way is running like a dream. Whoops! perhaps I should not have said that.

I flipped a corner over to show the back, a very soft cotton sheet, those rows of stitching are 5 1/2" apart.

Rolled up, a bit untidy so I did redo and then tied it up.

I am in a "mug rug swap" and although I had made one I was not overly pleased with it. I followed a pattern that I saw and it just was not "me". So I had a little think and then a little play.

This looks scrumpled because the binding is still pinned, I am going to hand sew it down later.

Just to give you an idea of what it will look like, I made a little pocket for a snack, and that is my favourite mug.

This one will be for Francesca to have in her new house, it matches her quilt, umm I may have to make a cushion as well now.

I have 2 more cut out and half sewn, one of those will be going to my swap partner tomorrow. I have made them a little smaller and modified the pattern, my camera batteries are on charge so I will post a photo tomorrow.

Reasons to be grateful. 

1. A dry day, sunny but cool.

2. A RUN with Ben this afternoon( no huffing and puffing)

3. All yesterdays shop put away, no gaps left.

4. An idea that worked out fine.

5. Roast Pork for dinner, smells wonderful.

On that note I am off to the kitchen.           TTFN       Pam


  1. Wow Pam, you are so clever; your creations are really lovely and you have made them so quickly. Fran will be well supplied by the time she moves, of course I wish her the very best, but hope you will be ok on your own. (of course you have all of us!!)

  2. Thank you, I just love playing with fabric and once an idea pops up I have to run with it. I am sure that Fran will be coming back on a regular basis, I will still batch cook for her after all. i will be just fine and dandy, I know that Ben will be wanting more of my time as he adores Fran.


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