Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wonderful Wednesday

A glorious day. I have a new follower, welcome aboard Csarina, I clicked on your little picture and saw that one of the blogs that you follow is Bluebell. I have come across several mentions of her but this is the first time I have found her blog. So I owe you a big thank you. I also found Snitty Kitty,s blog Woo Hoo, that is two friends discovered and a new one added in 24 hours. It really is a wonderful day.

My favourite apple tree showing how blue the sky is today, and it is warm too, no jacket needed to walk Ben. I leave a few apples here and there for the birds, as the winter goes on I will take some out of store for them along with fat balls and meal worms. I love the birds in my garden and want them to prosper.

This tree is nearest to the house, I leave a lot of small apples on here as they seem to cling on to the tree for dear life, once the hard weather comes this will hold fat balls and a few dishes of water will be close by. There are a few cats around but they do not come this close to the house thanks to Ben.

Ben had another crazy play last night and this was the end result.

He stayed like this for around 15 minutes, catching his breath and gently wagging his tail.

It was a different story this morning, on our walk he managed to find something very very dead and sit on it! I walked him home at arms length and he went straight into the bath.

An action shot, he throws himself into his towels and gets quite dry like this.

Butter wouldn't melt/Who me/A big dog did it and ran away!

Once he is completely dry I will take him out again, on a different path.

I got all the meats out of the freezer to make faggots for dinner and will freeze plenty for future meals. I do not mince the meats just chop them in the processor, we like the extra texture, I put the liver in last otherwise it turns to gloop. I use lambs liver and will keep a slice and dust it with a little flour and have it lightly fried for my lunch, cooks perks.

I have a bag of frozen wine cubes, made in an ice cube tray with ends of bottles of wine, and have pulled some of those out to go in the onion gravy, yum.
I always add a good dash of Worcestershire sauce as well, I like the gravy to taste as good as the faggots.

I am going to do a little sewing later while dinner cooks. It really is a wonderful day. BTW I sorted the linen cupboard, it is very full but I am loath to part with any of it. one shelf is full of Ben's towels and in a wet week I will need them all.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Another old friend found.

2. A new friend discovered.

3 Some new crafty blogs followed.

4. Time to read without worrying about work.

5. Francesca much better, she really did have an awful few days with her cold.

The Ben is dry, the post has been I am off for a walk.

                                                       TTFN     Pam

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