Monday, 7 October 2013

Christmas Sewing, Oh My!

It is "that time of year" when I start to think of Christmas sewing for Francesca. She is a Christmas Fan to the 'nth degree and I like to make her something new each year. 
Last year I bought yards of Christmas fabric and then some more in the sales. I made bunting and tree decorations and Fran helped with some hand sewing, between us we cut loads of strips ranging from 
1 1/2" to 4" and had a bag full left over. While playing with Little Gem and her not 1/4" foot I made some 9 patches and some strip sets. Some were turned into pin cushions but I had too many just for that. I started sewing, pressing cutting etc. I hope that Francesca will like her Christmas Cushion.

I have managed to get a balance of light and dark and used the green fabric that she liked so much last year. It does not have a pillow form yet, I stuffed it with some wadding for the photo.
the front is lined and quilted in the ditch and the back is fully lined and all seams are enclosed, or as my granny called them "run and fell".

The back is an envelope closure, as luck would have it although I have every colour zip under the sun  all the red are too small and the green are too light. Still I am happy with that, I will not get a call asking how to get the cushion pad out of the zipper without tearing or breaking anything.

Some of the pincushions have gone to the Charity Shop but I do have 4 left and plan to make some fancier ones soon.

Those 9 patch centers measure 3" and the surrounding strips are 1" finished, this is why my 1/4" has to be accurate. I want to make a quilt with this size block, I may be mad but I have a ton of tiny bits of precious fabrics and want to use every last scrap. This will be a long term project, I want to work my way through my "crumb" scrap bag and use any new ones along the way. 

These are the backs, the Christmas Dec ones were in a gift of scraps and all will be used up in this type of little project. The others are just more of my stash from last year that escaped the rotary cutter. I am sure that I will find a home for them somewhere.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Another sun drenched day.

2. Fran just called to say that she is having an excellent day at work.

3. The village is sleepy and quiet today, no huge lorries thundering through.

4. I had a parcel from up the Amazon today, a good book from my swagbucks, at last.

5. I have been given directions to a meadow that has a hedge dripping with rose hips. more cooking!

On that note it is time I put Ben on his lead so that we can go hunter gathering. a lazy day really, a little ironing later, a pasta sauce to make with leeks and bacon and a handful of cheese. Some more gentle sewing, I can not do too much until I pick up my new spectacles. Not forgetting the mountain of rose hips to be cleaned, chopped and cooked up.
                                  TTFN                            Pam


  1. Oh my word Mrs, what wonderful Christmas makes!! I might just pinch the pin cushion idea for our Christmas Crafts stall :-) xx

    1. The 9 patch are just alternating strip sets of 1 1/2 " and the borders strips are the same. They are so easy and quick to churn out. i stuffed them with all ,my little trimmings of wadding torn up fine.

  2. I love the Christmas cuhion and pincushions. I think pin cushions are so undervalued, and I love making them, along with needlecases - how very old-fashioned! I have only ever done (hexagan) patchwork using paper centres, which for me is better as it is easier to adjust when you need to.
    I am interested to see what you do with the rosehips, I noticed that it is a good year in our part of Hampshire this year, but am not totally sure what I could do with them if I harvested some.

    1. If you Google rose hip recipes you will find lots of ideas. I wash them, drain and chop in the processor then add them to chopped apples, pears, blackberries,etc and when soft bash them with the potato masher to break them down. Tip into a jelly bag and drip overnight then turn the juice into syrup or jelly. I push the pulp through a fine sieve and turn the smooth pulp into a spread, make just like jam but simmer rather then boil as it is very thick.

  3. Your christmas goodies are gorgeous Pam. I confess I havent done anything yet towards christmas so well done you for getting ahead.

    1. I need to use that Christmas fabric up before I get the new stuff out, and practise ready to make the quilt. I have the 9 patch squares for another cushion made I just want to find some plain green fabric to go with them.


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