Thursday, 3 October 2013

Specs To Pay For!

Time to put on my big girl knickers, pull up my socks and square up my shoulders. I have paid for my new specs and that hurt, parting with £315 of my hard saved spondulickas was not easy. I will not compromise on my eyes and when "The Man" (very dishy BTW) said "you need lenses to THIS standard and This coating" and that will improve your clarity by at least 20%" I just simpered, oh yes!, I did bite back "master"  It was an Ooh Err Missus moment in time.
Think, James Brolin, George Clooney and a young Clint Eastwood mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Anyhoo, I am aiming to tighten my grip on the pennies and claw that money back ASAP. 
Last nights dinner was a good start.

Leaves, free from work,Roasted chickpeas and mushrooms from a large batch I guesstimate at 20p per serving, Roasted squash and sweet potato all from the market  1 1/2 weeks ago, around 50p the tray that gave 3 servings and leftovers, whizzed in the processor and pushed through a sieve will become soup or topping for a pizza.

Pudding, 6 small servings, lovely with a dollop of yogurt and a dusting of cinnamon.
Raspberry and Apple crumble, fruit free from my garden, crumble mix from AF and 2 tsp sugar, cheap as chips, no no no, much cheaper than chips and much healthier.

From the staff shop last night £1.

2 .2 Kilo of beautiful mushrooms.

Sliced, diced and finely chopped ready for the freezer and 8 left in the fridge for the weekend.
I love adding mushrooms to dishes they give texture and a deep bottom note of flavour, I just will not pay through the nose for them, £1 for 3 or 4 on a plastic tray, not on your nellie.

I picked a few eating apples today, they will keep for a few weeks but we like them crisp, fresh off the tree. 
These would be 50p each on a tray from the shop! £6 instant savings, at least it would be if I was ever foolish enough to pay that.

I think that I have made a good start in reclaiming my cash, I have a frugal meal planned for tonight and will show that tomorrow.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. My productive, money saving garden.

2. The ability to make the most of what ingredients I have to hand.

3. Access to a really good staff shop.

4. A mostly sunny day , just a light shower to lay the dust.

5. An extra shift on Saturday, that will add to my specs fund.

A fairly long post but I have been AWOL a few times recently. I want to thank you all for the supportive comments. I know that i have been a bit of a wuss about my eyes but as I said I admit to being paranoid about them.

Enjoy what is left of your day.                  TTFN              Pam


  1. Continue being paranoid about your eyes, having worn spectacles since age four I know how vital it is to update prescription regularly.

    UK prices seem to be high, last time I had new varifocals, with coatings, in UAE it they cost equivalent of GBP200.

    I recycle my rimless titanium frames from pair to pair, so no additional cost!

    1. I tried to reuse frames in the past but the charge for that is greater than the cost of new ones.

  2. Good for you, Pam. And I confess to a slight flush while reading your description of your optician! Mmm, time to tighten the belt and as you say make up the deficit. But this is the season for soups, curries, stews and casseroles and we both know how to save a few bob here and there with them, don't we!

    1. We most certainly do, I see lots of tasty slow cooker dinners in my future.

  3. Oooo its still nice to get that warm glow when a Girl comes across a delightful young man!
    I know glasses are such a price .. we are due to go for tests and no doubt new glasses .. its just something we cant do without .. chin up ... think of your young gentleman!

    Vicky x

    1. I am so glad that I went where i "should have gone" according to the ads.

  4. I feel your pain. I just spent $660 for my lenses. Lineless bifocals. I can only claim back 200 from works benefits plan.

    I still need to change my reading glasses...

  5. Another here, held captive by bad eyes and the need for glasses...I do avoid all coatings, as they seem to scratch off, but wear sunglasses religiously!
    You are so lucky to have acces to the food from work! Love the colder weathrr and the meals that accompany it!


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