Monday, 14 October 2013

Time to Catch Up.

It seems ages since I posted but it is only a few days, a few days of nonstop activity, and hit and miss  internet connection. There is no help to be had from BT, nobody that I speak to can hear me say " there was absolutely no problem until 2 weeks ago when it slowed down and then at the weekend it became so slow that it would not work"!
I am sure that somebody will notice that the direct debit has been stopped. perhaps they will listen then. For now I am either logging on at work or in the library.

I have been busy, the kitchen has had a "Hurricane Pam" hit it, every shelf, cupboard and flat surface has been emptied, cleaned and sorted out. All the paintwork has had a birthday clean and all the glass as well. Even the walls have had a once over.

The sitting room has suffered the same treatment and the bedrooms are on the agenda but they will have to wait as I am back full time at work for a while. We seem to have staff going down like flies with various ailments and a few peeps have moved on to pastures new. It will not be for too long as I have a life outside of work.

I have made the last of the Damsons into jelly, a batch of blackberry chutney is simmering away and I have the last of the elderberries waiting their turn, they will go in with rosehips and apples and be jelly for Christmas hampers, all the pulp will be pushed through a sieve and turned into a preserve.

I have a shopping list that seems to be a yard long, a cold and snowy winter has been forecast so I am stocking up. A visit to Mr S and Mr T is in my near future, and possibly an order to AF.

I cooked the Southern Fried Chicken and it was PDG.

Oven Ready.

Nice and crisp better than a takeaway, 2 trays like this from 1 chicken

Served with homemade oven chips and salad, yummy.

The last of the sweetcorn, naughty but nice, oh so nice.

I won some fabric fro Miss Townmouse and it arrived this morning, I loved the photo of it and it is twice as nice in the flesh.

I am going to make cushion covers with this, it is heavily textured and I will add some satin for contrast and see if I can get some velvet in there as well.

I joined a sewing class at Button up and Stitch on Saturday, making Cathedral Window blocks. It was great fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am going back next month to a bag making class.

I have lots more to share but need to go and jar my chutney.

                                                              TTFN                   Pam


  1. I've got so sick of my internet connection with AOL that I'm changing suppliers. The Southern Fried Chicken looks so delicious. We have leftovers from a chicken now that Daniel isn't here so that could be something to do with them. Last time we had chicken I made pies with the leftovers.

  2. Whirlwind Pam!! I don't know where you get your energy from but I could do with a dose myself lol. Chicken looks really tasty, I love those kind of meals and I'm always looking for new ideas for leftover chicken.
    Take care Karen x

  3. That chicken looks so good Pam.

  4. Lovely to have you back Pam, hope you are feeling ok and not working too hard. The chicken looks lovely, I like this but hubby is not so keen. Internet connections can be so frustrating - when my laptop is slow, or no internet connection I get really fed up, what did we do just a few years ago??

  5. Hi Pam Im so glad you liked the material and it arrived safely x


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