Sunday 28 December 2014

Lots of goodies under my tree.

Along with most of the bloggers that I follow my presents contained some crafting goodies, and not a small amount of lush chocolate.
I thought that as I had seen what some of you lucky peeps had got I would share some of mine.

A stand for the threads that I use frequently, I have said so many times that I would love one and here it is. I have just filled it with some of my favourites and odds and ends. As I find myself using different colours I will refine it until it only holds what I use.

Deep joy, a second bobbin box, full. When I sew I like to have plenty of full bobbins in white and cream, now I have enough to have colours as well.

This magnetic pin holder has been on my wish list for ages, I do have a magnet but this, complete with pins will take pride of place.

Even the essentials were covered, a new 45mm rotary cutter and blades, I am constantly misplacing mine, The new fabric marker and seam gauge will earn their keep as well.

My presents came with lots of ribbons, all will be used.

This palest pink piece is my favourite,

perhaps because it was wrapped around this box of chocolates each filled with a whole cherry in Kirsch.

Someone went to Fortnums and selected these for me, ooh I am going to have to ration them out over the year or I will end up as big as a bus.

I also was fortunate enough to receive this book, look it has my tree! who would have thought it. Fran had a look through and this is top of her wish list for next year.

She will not get an exact copy, I have had time to read through and her quilt is already in my mind. It will have elements of this but also other things from the book.
I have done precisely 3 rows of knitting, bad Pam, what with playing with and walking Ben and the chatting with Fran I just did not make the time. Fran has now gone back to Beckenham until Wednesday so I will enjoy a couple of evenings clicking away.
I am not a lover of the Sales, hate the crowds. tomorrow I am braving it for a trip to Swansea for fabric and then at some point will be at Cross Hands to visit Hilary at Isabeau Inspirations. Christmas fabric hunting only, next Christmas will be a festival of quilts for gifts.

Time now for a brew, the kettle will be stone cold and I will get withdrawal symptoms soon.

       TTFN                                                                     Pam

PS. I need to look for yellow and green fabrics as well, I am very short of them.


  1. I am envious, Pam, especially of the thread holder. I got some lovely pressies but the only crafty thing I got was the Great British Sewing Bee book bought for £5 from Smiths from my cash-strapped student son. Unfortunately I already have it, but it's the thought that counts and he still has the receipt so doesn't mind if I return it.

  2. So glad you celebrated after all Pam. Such lovely gifts. I'm sure they'll be put to good use!

  3. Pam such lovely thoughtful gifts. love the thread holder the best. I want one!!!!

  4. Love the Thread holder, I MUST have one lol beautiful gifts!

  5. Lots to keep you busy there ... the christmas book looks fab.
    Don't go scoffing all those choc's .. no matter how loud they shout to you!

    Vicky x

  6. Love your stand. My husband made me a holder thing for my bobbins last year (just some thin doweling stuck in a lump of wood!) Looking at your lovely stand I will have to leave your post open for him to come across, just in case he feels inspired!
    I would just eat all the chocolates until they were gone. That way there would be non left to tempt me. Well I think it makes sense anyway!


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