Monday 15 December 2014

Reverse Advent, a months worth in one go.

I have had a gift from Pensive Pensioner at Small Treasures, the gift is not for me, I will be turning it into nice soft beds for rescue dogs, or maybe cats. Many Hands usually get my work but there is a smaller concern a bit closer.

These 4 pillowcases will make excellent pet beds, I use a synthetic wadding and they wash easily and spin very dry.

I also had this lovely hand made card, I am so jealous of card makers, perhaps I should seek a workshop out for next year.

 When I slipped to the village shop to get some milk I saw that they had a collecting box out, a notice on it described the centre and asked for offerings of food. I did not contribute as I only took enough cash with me for the milk, they sell delicious pastries and cookies!
I will be going in later this week and taking some dog beds and making a donation of food. I will also be putting a stack of children's treats in the food bank collection, every child should have some goodies at Christmas.
I never buy an advent calendar for myself, on the odd occasion that I have been given one I have the first 2 then forget about it and suddenly I have 10 days worth piled up. The last one that I had ended up as truffles, it was  Thornton's dark chocolate and the chocolates were huge.

This afternoon has been a marathon gift wrapping session, just the stockings took an age, 1 each for Junior, Kaitlin, Faith and Francesca and I like to wrap all the contents. The children's main presents are also wrapped so really once Francesca's are done there will only be a handful.

Remember this bag?

I made it rather large but new that I would find a use for it, possibly a knitting bag. No it now hides my dirty laundry, it has replaced a wobbly wooden affair with a dull cream cotton bag. As it is pretty it hangs on the newel post and has freed up space in the bathroom.

Now I am off for a gallon of tea and some dinner, quick and easy pizza tonight, and some fruit to be healthy.

My Pompom makers are here, so tomorrow's post will be colourful.

        TTFN                                                            Pam


  1. Love the bag idea .. and it so pretty.
    Just loved the lip smacking mushroom chickpea affair... Thankyou.

    Vicky x

    1. The old laundry bin thing has been washed and put back together. I have filled it with clothes and odds and ends and it will be landing in a CS later today. I much prefer my pretty bag. Glad you enjoyed the recipe.

  2. I'm so glad the pillowcases arrived safely, Pam. The bag is brilliant & a great idea for dirty laundry. I like the idea of children's treats in the Foodbank collection too, I will be doing the same later in the week. I can't wait for a glimpse of the pompoms as I'm toying with buying one :)

    1. The bag is much nicer than my old thing, and being without a frame takes up less than half the space. I will be making pompoms tonight, I hope.


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