Saturday 20 December 2014

Spending and saving and a freebie.

Yesterday the sun shone but it was cold, once ben had been for his walk I was restless, completely not inclined to settle down to anything I decided on a trip to Ammanford.

I had a slow meander through the pedestrianized shopping streets and popped into a few of the Charity Shops, happy days.

Look what I found,

Brand new, tags hanging and pure wool, Laura Ashley, I do like a spot of colour.

At this price
 I like it even more, I would never have paid the full price and probably not the sale price but at £8.99 I snapped it up.

Then there was this, also L. A. , also new with tags hanging and even more colourful pure wool.

An even better bargain, it is mine.
I had a trawl round another shop where they have a £1 rail of things that have been around a little while. There were 3 EWS skirts and I instantly saw cushions and /or bags with the added bonus of zips and buttons. I also saw the top section with stitched pleats as bonus scraps.

This is brand new with tags hanging, a size 12, I will not cut it up, it is labelled as machine washable and will be joining some other things and go to the Swansea Homeless shelter.

These 2, however will be cut, they are in very good condition but my fingers are twitching to get started on them. It will not be until the new year but I can get them deconstructed and make plans.
Today has been even better than yesterday, there was some warmth and the wind dropped after lunch. Ben and I had already had 2 walks but we did not want to waste the mild weather so we went foraging for greenery. I cut Ivy and Some kind of  Fir, I also cut a little holly with berries on but lost it on the way home.
I had a little play and came up with this.

The red berries are rose hips, I will put some holly in tomorrow and some Rosemary to compliment the scent of the fir. I will stuff as much greenery in as I can. It is a touch on the triangular rather than round but I care not, I made it, it was free and we got an extra walk.
I had an odd bit of green ribbon so wrapped that loosely round and may add some red, I know that there is some in the bottom drawer.
I am taking Maggie to do her last minute shopping tomorrow in Lidl and then on Wednesday morning I will take her to the village store for fresh bread. They will be my only trips out before I go to collect Fran from Neath station Wednesday lunch time, and then my next trip will be to return her on Saturday.
James and Cerys are coming here on Boxing day with the children so the house will be full of chatter and laughter.
I nearly got the sewing machine out earlier, withdrawal symptoms, but resisted and tidied a cupboard out instead.
I had my early night, with a book, last night and I aim to rinse and repeat tonight, Bette Midler is on very late and I have the tv set to record her, Fran and I will watch it together as we are both fans.
I have no more to say tonight so....
      TTFN                                                           Pam


  1. What fab finds in the Charity shops ... I can't understand people paying so much for a jumper then not even wearing it! Such a lot of money!
    Wreath looks good .. I thought it was a heart shaped wreath .. very pretty.

    Vicky x

    1. There are folk out there who have more money than sense, I am happy about that.

  2. Brilliant bargains Pam , you can get some good buys in charity shop's at the moment as most people are shopping for new for christmas presents , I was a charity shop manager for years and this time of the yaer was our quietest , Merry christmas and a happy new yaer xxx

    1. I am as pleased as punch with my spoils.

  3. Your wreath is lovely it looks heart shaped, those jumpers are a great bargain to finish off the year, I wouldnt have passed them up either, although I am avoiding all temptation and not buying any more clothes until I have had a proper sort out of what I have got, I am not buying any textiles or fabrics as now all my stash is up here I am struggling to get it all in the cabin, and definatly not getting any craft supplies until all the shop stock has been listed and gone through and organised in its new store.

    1. I have taken 2 jumpers off my rack and put them ready to go to a new home, my rule is one in, one out. I will be looking at some new fabric next year, I rather fancy a spot of recycling so the CS will be getting a few visits from me.

  4. What fabulous bargains - and really lovely tops they are. They obviously "had your name" on them! We hardly ever go to Ammanford, I have to say, most of our business being conducted in Carmarthen and beyond.

    I think your wreath looks heart-shaped too, and very pretty. Our eldest daughter Tam is now here, so we will have a walk along the river bank with secateurs to gather some greenery for our wreath. It's a Christmas tradition.

    1. Ammanford suits me for the bulk of my shopping, not that I do much, I do like Carmarthen and visit as often as I can.

  5. wow, those Laura Ashley sweaters are fab, what a find, a real Christmas treat! I never thought to look out for tartan fabric skirts for cushions, thanks for the tip..

  6. Fantastic charity shop finds

  7. This is my first visit here. A new life in Wales lights my imagination as I sit at my computer in California. I love the sweater/jacket, the sofa and the prices. Well done. Merry Christmas to you.

    1. Ha ha on me; I thought the first sweater was a sofa flanked by cushions. I love the pattern of it!


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