Wednesday 24 February 2016

A New Man in my Life

I have been absent as my mind has been fully occupied with my new man.
He only arrived this morning, just after 3:00 am, much wringing of hands, pacing and worrying happened in the preceding 18 hours.
But I am happy to tell you that Leo James weighing in at 7lb 8oz is a bouncing, healthy new addition to the family.
We knew that he was a boy so I decided at the last minute (as you do) that a crochet blanket was required.
A quick look at Wool Warehouse and a wonderful post by Daisy Jones about C2C crochet made my mind up in record time.

King Cole Multi Chunky yarn in Denims, I have 5  x 100g balls, when I have use just under 2 1/2 I will start decreasing. I love the self patterning effect, and best of all I love the fact that there are hardly any ends to weave in.

While I was in Wool Warehouse I had a look at cardigans, I want 2 for the summer but have not been able to find anything that I would consider buying (unless I want to shell out £**#).
I found the pattern and then looked for yarn, this is so soft I am itching to get it started. Unfortunately I still have not found my knitting pins so while I am out tomorrow I will  buy some more.
I was so impressed by the yarn that I have ordered it in the palest blue as well.

The crochet granny blanket is still a WIP, it is now in 3 sections, one has had the ends darned in and the other two are being tackled piecemeal. It is not my favourite part of the job. Once all parts are together I will decide on a border pattern and colours.

More of the spring bulbs are opening up in the sun shine, with many still to come.

The slabs for my new shed base arrived and are in situ, the shed will now be put up on Friday as my hands will be rather occupied for a couple of days. There is nothing like having a new baby to cuddle, plus Junior and Kaitlyn will want their full share.

Now I am off to Cardigan, see you soon.

           TTFN                                                 Pam


  1. Congratulations enjoy your cuddles xx

  2. Welcome to the world Leo James.
    I can't wait for our new arrival in March. New babies are just so scrumptious aren't they?
    Mind you six year old grandaughters are just as yummy.
    The blue blanket is lovely-x-

  3. congratulations on the new addition. x

  4. aahh congratulations with the arrival of baby Leo how wonderful :-) dee x

  5. Congratulations! That's a big boy! I love the yarn and cardigan pattern you've picked out. Your flower are so pretty!

  6. Congratulations on the new addition!!! Your plants are just gorgeous.

  7. When did random wool become self patterning?

  8. Congratulations all round.

  9. Many congratulations on the new arrival! I love new baby cuddles :)

  10. Congratulation. Blanket is lovely,

  11. Aww Congratulations xx what lovely news X
    Gorgeous spring bulbs. It's been gorgeous weather today - just a hard frost predicted tonight

  12. Congratulations to all of your family on the birth of Leo James! I hope that he has a wonderful, long and happy life!! xx

  13. Lovely news you enjoy the cuddle time. Lovely shawl.


  14. How lovely! Congratulations x

  15. Congratulations and welcome to baby Leo James.

  16. Congratulations, such a wonderful feeling to become a Granny enjoy.


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