Thursday 18 February 2016

Let's go fly a kite.

Not here you wouldn't, after the banshees shrieking down the valley, turning round and screaming back up the wind died.
It was cold and very bright and sunny, but still. There was the occasional wisp of wind, enough to ruffle my hair and blow a leaf along, but that was all.
Two loads of washing on the line all day and now on the horses to finish off.

A little bit of crochet, some general tidying round and lots of walking has been the order of the day. Ben has had his dinner early and is curled up on his fluffy blanket on the far end of the sofa. Not like he was earlier this morning, he had his first walk, ate his breakfast and threw himself on the cushions that he had carefully pile up.
His blanket lay abandoned and forlorn.

I should be having a new door fitted tomorrow but Mr Fixer rang earlier to say that it will be next Tuesday now, Hmmmmm, This was arranged over two weeks ago. We will see what happens next week.
I am harvesting some very tasty purple sprouting broccoli now, the leading spears were huge and the plants have gone into overdrive. No problem, I will happily eat it every day. It is one veg that I never buy, it is superb when picked and cooked within a couple of hours and limp and tasteless from the shops.
I have seen a few peeps, on the telly, banging on about Asda's Wonky Veg Boxes. I will not be seeing them in the near future as my nearest Asda is more than twice as far as Lidl and Tesco, however I do pass one on my way to Wyevale. Next time I go there I will pop in and have a look.

Lidl have some large beef joints on offer this week at £4.94 per kilo, I had planned to buy one to cook for Ben. When I popped in on my way back from Neath this morning I saw packs of lean steak mince reduced to £4. per kilo. It was a no brainer, 94p a kg saved, no chopping, result. A tidy pile is now nestled in the freezer. I have stock enough for a couple of weeks so any bones and meat trimmings will be frozen for later.

His fish and rice is now cooling down and he will have some tomorrow, the rest will be frozen. I like to give him fish at least once a week.

Ooops, the timer has pinged, dinner is ready.

                 TTFN                                                           Pam


  1. I love that he piled up his cushions! You can see the gloss on his coat. A very happy pooch! It's one of those days here that if you hung out the towels they'd be frozen solid on the line! My back gets no sun till mid April. I wish I could turn my house right around! It gets positively tropical on the front!!

  2. He does like a bit of comfort in his old age. It started off dry here but was raining by 7:30 and it looks set in for the weekend, well it would as Fran is here this evening.

  3. What breed is he, Pam? I couldn't tell from the pic.

    1. he is a cross of Yorkshire Terrier, Mum, and a small Springer. I say that he was a Sparkie but now 12 years on he is a Yorniel.


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