Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Hailstones on noses and cold frozen toeses

Yep, along with sunshine and wind frosts the last 48 hours have been a very mixed bag.
But I wrapped up warm, thank goodness for my shawl, and turned my mind to all things hooky.
I was thinking along the lines of a Mandala, but covered with flowers. It had to be soft enough to attach the flowers and rigid enough to hang on the wall.
Thanks to Lucy of Attic24 I know how to make a flat circle, and with a little bit of thought I dug out a hoop.

Flat circle, made. Insert into hoop Ha ha, think again.
I stretched it over the inner hoop and could not persuade the outer to go on. I used yarn and a needle to stitch from side to side on the back, then tried the outer hoop Ha Ha, did not look good.
Then the light bulb clicked on and I slip stitched the edge around the inner hoop and left it at that.
Thought about it, hummed and hahhed , thought some more and put a few leaves on the edge YES yes yes, I like it.

Now to the middle, light, bright and a bit of glitter.

I started making flowers, roses, at least they will be roses when I sew them up. I have pulled yarn and am happy with my colours, I will be using 2 sparkly balls, a deep pink and white. I do have a purple but it is too dark for this project.

I will make a few in each colour and then see how I want them arranged, and if I want anything different, a butterfly?

Off to Neath now to the torture chamber dentist.

             TTFN                                                         Pam


  1. Really looking forward to seeing this one done x loving those colours x

  2. Oooh hope all goes well with the dentist. I hate going...

  3. Hope the dentist went well, I can think of better places to visit xx

  4. Gorgeous woolly magic going on! Hope your gnashers pass the test!

  5. Great idea! Hope that the dentist went well! Well, OK at least! xx

  6. I wish I could get my crafty mojo back and get something done.
    This is going to look lovely when it's finished.
    Hope the dentist didn't torture you too much.

  7. You're being very creative. Looking forward to seeing it with the flowers in place. I hope the dentist wasn't too traumatic for mouth or pocket!

  8. Good luck at the dentist. Looking forward to seeing your wreath is sounds lovely and complicated :-) dee x


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