Saturday 12 March 2016

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Vroooooom

I had an early start to my day and had a batch of sunflower seed and oat cookies as well as a tray of cheese scones cooling down before 7 this morning
Then I had a call for help, a friend managed to tumble down the stairs first thing and needed some shopping done.
 No lasting damage but lots of aches and pains, and probably some lurid bruises in a couple of days. 
I went to Parc Trostre as there were things to collect from Bother and Queue, and then over to Testco. Oh what a palaver, I could not find things and possibly got most of my 3 mile walk in up and down the aisles. 
Never Again. The stores at Pontardawe and Ammanford are quite big enough for me.

Back home and shopping delivered and put away I had the dogs to walk before I had time for a cuppa and a quick sandwich. I kid you not my stomach thought my throat was cut.

Then it was on with boots and into the garden. Mr Muscles was busy staking out my path and I was setting seed and planting Polyanthus in the top of  my little stone wall (after weeding it and pulling out mounds of Melissa. AGAIN.)
Then I forked over 2 beds and marked where 3 new trees are to go. I have another Victoria Plum, a Czar Plum and a Sunburst Cherry. They will be in plain view from my sewing room so that I can enjoy the blossom. If I am fleet of foot I may be able to beat the birds and enjoy the fruit as well.

I am off for a badly needed shower before dinner, and then I have to bath Ben. He was the undergardener, or do I mean under the garden. He looked like an oversized mole at one point, but it was my fault for spilling the compost.

                                          TTFN                             Pam


  1. Wow what a busy day, you must be shattered, put your feet up and have a cup of tea and one of your cookies xx

  2. Arnica in tablet form is excellent for bruising. I gave E arnica when he fell and did his elbow in the other week. When I was younger and falling off horses with astounding regularity my grand mother used to give me Arnica.

  3. cookies sound yummy and ideal for an energy boost with a cuppa, you are such a good neighbour

  4. We did manage to get out into the garden but the ground is still like a quagmire after all the rain, tomorrow is another day. You certainly have been busy.

  5. Good for you - it sounds like you have your own orchard a stone's throw from your door. I was going to suggest Arnica (tablets/cream0 for the bruising too.

    My garden is still too wet to work on/in.

  6. What a busy day. And cookies before 7. You are wonder women.

  7. Goodness me Pam I imagine there was smoke in the skies over the valleys lol. We've come down to our van on the coast but can't do any gardening it's way to boggy, I have throws everywhere to cover carpet and sofas. People think Shih Tzus are dainty and ladylike but mine love the mud so it's a foot and tummy bath each time they go for a walk :) I'm going to check out your recipes they sound lovey, I do hope you have the beautiful weather we have today, not a cloud in the sky. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your garden this summer, as my lovely Welsh friend says it sounds lush.

    Peg X

    1. Hi peg, good to read that you are well and down in your little home on wheels.
      Hazel c uk

  8. Crikey you were up early! Re bruising: I use Arnica gel and it really helps, I keep a dispenser bottle in the bathroom for GC visits, one of them is always bumping themselves at school.


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