Thursday 17 March 2016

Happy Feet, I've got those happy feet.

I am so glad that you can not hear me murdering that song, as the late great Eric Morecambe amost said, " I am singing the right notes, they may not be in the right order" 

I have whined and whinged many times about my "huge plates of meat" and the struggle to find good, well fitting shoes without having a major bank to fund them. 
Well late last week I paid a visit to the Hotter website and they had a sale on!!!!
 I found no fewer than 7 pairs of shoes, near faint from exciement and 2 cuppas to recover.
Sense and a tight grip on my debit card narrowed it down to 3 pairs, all originally £75 a pair, now 2 pairs at £18 and 1 at £25. 

The red and black pairs are loafer style with a very small heel and the grey ones have a small wedge heel.
They are very comfortable and well worth the cost, I had them delivered as the cost was less than the diesel would have been and it saved me a trip to Carmarthen. I know full well that I would have had a mooch round the town and spent more money. Baby clothes are soooo tempting.

I am spending every moment possible in the garden, or walking. Yesterday was sunny but cool enough to get a 5 mile walk in, and I enjoyed every step of it.
Friends from just round the corner recently lost their little dog. Yesterday they had grand daughters to visit, Ben went there while I had my walk and was extremely spoilt. So much so that while I stood waiting for him, he was still racing up and down playing ball.
He did just about acknowledge my presence but finished his game before coming to see me. 

This is the result of his playing, usually by now he is ready for the first walk of the day, this morning he is still curled up and snoring.

I am off to pick up some more 8' canes today, I used some of mine for the wigwam last year and a few are past their best. Wilko has them for just over £2 a pack of 10.

The garden is coming along nicely, I now have a second, smaller, greenhouse up. This will be more of a potting and storage area than a growing one, at least that is the plan for now.

I need a few more gravel trays, I will pick them up in Wilko later, they are only £1 each and are very sturdy.
Ooops, time I rootled Ben out of his bed ready for a walk.

              TTFN                                         Pam


  1. I tried hotter shoes once very comfy, think they were so worn out they were binned in the moved, yes baby clothes are so tempting :-)

  2. Bless Ben he is so cute its very chilly this morning so I don't blame her staying snuggled up in his bed. Love the red and cream shoes what a bargain :-) its great when you can find what you like for half the cost. Your garden sounds like its coming on a treat I love wilko's its so cheap for things especially gardening equipment. 5 miles is great well done, happy walking, dee :-)

  3. Great bargains, we often get items off the net, because like you if we pop to town for one item, we see other useful things. We are not as bad as we used to be.

  4. Love the shoes in the middle , They look comfortable and stylish at the same time xxx

  5. Fantastic bargain on the shoes. I have wide feet and find problems finding nice shoes.

  6. ooh what a bargain! I know the feeling, i struggle to find shoes too in charity shops as I'm a size 7 and apparently it's a popular size so they've all been grabbed by the time I go to look haha

  7. What a bargain with the shoes, they look wonderful. Happy gardening.

  8. How blissful to find some comfortable shoes. I wish I could find some that are comfortable and stay comfortable. I have plenty that are OK for about half an hour or so. I seem to have very sensitive feet that get sore very quickly.
    Ben looks so cute all snugled up-x-

  9. I like the shoes, Pam. You have a good selection there. Happy feet indeed.

    Joan (Wales)

  10. Well done on those shoe bargains! Shoe shopping for new ones is something I have not been able to afford for a while. All my shoes are usually from a charity shop. I have to go hunting for some more this year as what I have is coming to the end of their life. I usually find myself something that`s near as new and it will last for a few years, then. Most I can afford to spend is around £6.00 per pair. And with spring time coming along I`m hoping to find a bargain in the charity shop within the next 2 month.

  11. I may skimp on some things, always looking for clothes on sale, but it was pounded into me by my dad and mom (a policeman and a nurse) that you don't skimp on shoes. I love to go to the big warehouse shoe stores and find the brands that I love on sale. I can't wear high heels anymore, but low heeled 1 inch shoes or wedges are good. Last summer I spent most of the time in Skechers sandals.

  12. Great selection of shoes. A friend put me onto Hotter shoes a while back, they are extremely comfortable if I walk to work. xx

  13. Nice shoes. It's great to get out now the weather is fine.

  14. That's one thing I can't skimp have several pairs of Hotter shoes, all bought in sales over the years and now wear nothing else. If my feet hurt I'm so miserable that it's false economy buying cheap shoes. You have some great bargains there, Pam :)

  15. It's so important to have comfortable shoes. Glad you found some really nice ones at such a bargain price.

  16. I'm sat on my hands as Hotter shoes are SO comfy, but I had a spend-out on clothes this month, and that's enough!

    It sounds like you have been so busy with your garden. It will look stunning this year.

    I had to smile at Ben doing a mole impression!


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