Sunday 20 March 2016

Whistle while you work.

I would if I could, I can not raise a whisper of a whistle no matter how hard I try.
I may sing a bit, but only when I am sure that there is nobody close by.
I have had some busy days, Ben loves this brighter weather as much as I do and we have had some gloriously long walks.
My grey, dull courtyard is now gold and cream. The stone slabs have been lifted, the underlying ground taken down 2" and is now covered with a membrane and 3" of Sunshine Flint. Photos another day.
The slabs have been relocated to the top section of garden. Several barrow loads of rough soil, stones, plastic rubbish and so on have been dug out. The soil was riddled and put back, level, and the stone slabs laid. Some small gaps were left and have been filled with some of the flint for little splashes of colour.
This is just in front of the greenhouse and shed and behind a tall fence, and is sheltered on all sides. It now is home to the barbecue and a table and chairs. I can sit and  relax within hearing distance of the house but be out of sight.
The new path is completed, it has slabs in a random layout and more of the sunshine flint. It is sided with  log rolls and has fairy lights on both sides, there is a double arch leading to the top section and that has fairy lights as well.
I will try to get a photo but am not sure if my camera is up to it.

I hasten to add that I have had help, Mr Muscle has been digging and lifting alongside me and has done much of the heavier work.
I have the canes in ready for climbing peas and beans, the space for leeks has been allocated and lots of seed has been sown.

On the other hand I have a heaped basket of ironing and the polish and dusters have had a good rest.

I have managed a little knitting most nights and the pink cardigan should be finished by neat weekend.

All in all I am as happy as could be, I just need to find some snowdrops in the green for a planter. I plan on a Hydrangea under planted with snowdrops, and maybe some primroses, for my new look courtyard.
The flint was £72 for a large bulk bag and came with miles of free membrane. The log rolls were £2.99 each and the fairy lights were £2.99 each set.
For little over £100, and some hard graft, my entire garden has been transformed. I know lots of people who would spend that on a Saturday and have nothing to show for it bar empty take away containers and a hangover.

That's it for now I am off to walk Ben, and my friends little dogs.

                  TTFN                                              Pam


  1. Your garden sounds like a little piece of heaven. Looking forward to seeing the photos-x-

  2. Sounds amazing, looking forward to seeing the pictures of your transformation.

  3. looking forward to seeing photos and who is Mr. Muscle? Curious minds want to know.....

  4. Looking forward to pictures, sounds like you've put a lot of hard work in.

  5. wow you have been busy! and brilliant that you've transformed the entire garden on so little, I'm looking forward to seeing it : ) xx.

  6. I think your new outdoor space ( I think that's what they call it on these fancy housing programmes ) sounds magical. I don't know what's wrong with me lately as I can't seem to bring up the energy to get my garden started this year! Must try harder!

  7. It sounds lovely, looking forward to seeing some pics, its surprising how much can be achieved with a little hard work


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