Tuesday 29 March 2016

Same old, same old

I have been so busy doing all the same old things that over a week has slithered by without me realising.
The garden is almost there, although it is obscured by rain just now.
Yesterday it was brilliant sunshine and blue skies, with a 10 minute hail storm in the morning, and I made the most of it.
I have been nursing a cold for most of the week, nothing too bad but it did have a couple of days with horrible ear ache and a sore throat. I dealt with that by sipping lots of liquid and snuggling under my blanket while I crocheted the border. Another 3 colours should get it finished.
The kitchen drawers were all emptied, cleaned and refilled. Many bits and bobs have been put into the charity shop, just how did I manage to collect 4 identical sets of cutters?
Seeds have germinated, small plants have been pricked out, more seeds sown.
Purple sprouting broccoli is still going strong but the spinach is done, heavy rain battered it into pulp overnight. I have 2 trays of spinach in the greenhouse for salad leaves and a row in the garden for cooking.
Ben is still as active as ever and we are getting an average of 4 miles walking daily, unfortunately I have not lost an ounce of weight. I put that down to the fact that muscle weighs more than fat.
My pink cardigan is knitted, I have started to make it up. The yarn is out for the children's tops next.
The sun has just popped out and the clouds are rolling away so I am off to have a look round the raised beds.

                       TTFN                                           Pam

PS, my young motorcyclist is on the mend.


  1. Oh dear it was you that was caught in the hail, we dived into the poly tunnel and sat it out, I had the buggy thing last week after 48 hours I was fine again, great to know the young man is doing well and on the mend :-)

  2. Rain, rain and more rain here Pam but I have to get out today or I will go mad. A trip to the garden centre then to take advantage of a half price voucher to get something for when we can actually get out in the garden.
    Great to hera the young man is doing well-x-

  3. Glad you and the motorcyclist are on the mend. Looking forward to seeing the pink sweater. It is surprising what we can squirrel away. I found five springform pans on my latest decluttering. I only need two sizes.

  4. Glad to hear the young man is on the mend, you must be thrilled. We have finally made a start in the garden, but the weather is not ideal.

  5. I so hate the rain it turns the ground into slippery mud here and makes everything hard work. Isnt it great though being to sow everything ready for a year of growth :-)Hope you feel better soon, dee

  6. Hope you are feeling better. Seeing the sun come out always helps, doesn't it? I am in the mood to really clean out this house and have a big yard sale. Just waiting for my back to get well.

  7. Good to hear that the motorcyclist is mending. I have no greenhouse now (my polytunnel had it over the winter - my fault for trying to leave it out intact, so that the frame didn't rust in the rain). I have asked for a new plastic greenhouse for my birthday. So, no seeds started yet. No real gardening lust either - we have been so busy dashing about to Fleamarkets and the like - every other day this week!

    Glad that you have shaken your cold off now, and were still able to work whilst poorly (snuggled under your project in progress!) Your garden will look splendid this year.

  8. I am glad your cold is getting better and that the young lad is doing well. Have a lovely day,

  9. Sorry to read you've been ill but glad to see you are better now!


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