Sunday, 13 March 2016

Red Skies over Cwmgors

I have had a glorious day, I went outside at 7 with Ben and have hardly been indoors from then till 5.
I have more seeds sown and the whole right hand bed is ready for the off.
The path is laid out and weed suppressant fabric is down, the sides are marked out with log rolls, hammered in 3", and solar fairy lights are ready to be attached to both sides. 
The new trees are in and staked, I gave them a little sprinkle of Blood, Fish and Bone. They did not need much as I dug plenty of manure and spent compost in last year. Weeds are not a problem as the whole bed was covered with the black fabric all winter, that fabric is now on the path. I have some stone slabs to go down and gaps will be filled with shingle of some sort.

My climbing peas are in, some in the ground and some in loo roll middles. I know that I have at least 2 packets of beetroot seed, but of course I can find neither.

The sky over the Morriston Mountain is glowing scarlet tonight, I do hope that it means another day in the garden tomorrow, that should see the path finished and another bed covered with fabric. I intend to stand all my pots on top and the bed will be planted up with Gooseberries and Blackcurrants in October.

Dinner tonight should have been a leg of Welsh lamb, of course by 2:00 I knew that was a none starter, the lamb is in the freezer.
Dinner was Sausages, chips, beans and fried onions, fabulous.
Tomorrow will be soup and toast and if the week stays fine it will be a similar story every day.
My pink cardigan is well on the way, both sleeves and the back are done and I will be casting on the fronts shortly. I will knit them both together up to the armhole shaping, I find it easier that way. Several years ago I knitted the fronts separately, all well and fine until I came to sew it up, not only was one side an inch longer than the other, they were both Right Sides.

I hope that everyone has enjoyed their weekend as much as I have mine.

                   TTFN                                               Pam


  1. you seem to have made the best of a glorious day, I did remember to get a duck out of the freezer last night will feed us for a few days :-)

  2. It has been glorious and you've been so busy. I've also had that joy of discovering I've knit two rights and once I knit two different sizes!

  3. It was a lovely day yesterday, it sounds like you made the most of it xx

  4. A great, but very busy day. We finally managed to get into the garden yesterday, a start has been made.

  5. We had a red sky last night too and it looks like it worked it's magic. Lovely and sunny here today albeit a tad cold.
    Well done you on your gardening marathon. I bet your tea tasted like heaven after all that hard work-x-


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