Sunday 28 May 2017

A piggy weekend.

Oh My have I eaten well the past 2 days.

We were busy all day in the craft room yesterday ans when I realised how the time had flown it was Action Stations.
The SO cleared the decks, AKA the sewing cabinet, it was fully extended and had the overlocker, the big Janome and the small machine out. We were both on a creative kick, threads, pincushions, scissors and stuff heaped all over the show.
While that happened I threw a meal together, Smoked salmon and Broccoli quiche (minus the pastry), Pembrokeshire new potatoes and a chopped salad with a yogurt and mint dressing. Gorgeous.

Then today we went to Carmarthen, it is Juniors 7th birthday tomorrow and we met with Cerys and the children at the top of Merlin's Walk. No James as he had to work.

The lot of us, Fran is here for a long weekend so there were 4 adults and the 3 littlies, walked through the centre pedestrianised precinct as far as Pizza Express. The staff took our invasion in their stride, we made quite a crowd when seen together.

We ordered a variety of meals and mine was their super food salad. It was so good I could have made it myself, it is a very rare occasion when I say that in regards to a meal out.

 A quick snap of the garden seen from my seat halfway up to the top, some of my trees in their newly barked bed.

This is what I was making yesterday, a shift dress from an old McCalls pattern, I added a full lining as it is a very thin polycotton. This is a wearable toille, the sleeve caps are a bit stiff so on the next version I will make them slightly longer and leave the top seam open for around 2 inches.

Without a belt it looks a bit like a maternity dress, that is down to the centre front pleats, the jury is still out on that.

This is the hat that I knitted for the SO, it used almost every scrap that was left from a pair of boot socks.

I have another pair of shortie socks on the needles,once they are cast off I aim to finish the 3 WIPs before starting another new project.

I still have a dress cut out and am still dithering over whether to line it fully or not.

Then I have 2 cotton dressing gowns to make and a pattern to try out for some summer tops, not for me but then again who knows.

There is still work to be done in the garden and I have to search the craft room. I have lost my invisible zipper foot, I can put in a lapped zip but most of my stash are the invisible type.

That's all that comes to mind right now, it is entirely possible that I need tea. 
And cake? 
Quite likely.

                            TTFN                                      Pam


  1. Sounds like a good weekend to me Pam-x-

  2. An invisible zipper foot will be hard to find!..... sorry, couldn't resist that one

  3. Sounds like a great weekend, very productive with some wonderful treats. Add the children and it couldn't get better...

  4. Sounds like the ideal weekend to me, love the dress, style and fabric and the hat looks great also. Really nice to see plants coming into their own, the nice weather helped of course. Mr B's potato, broad bean and fennel plants are doing great, the strawberries now have flowers, the herbs are flourishing. He has chosen to only have 1 courgette and 1 tomato plant this year though and both are doing well. X

  5. I must have missed that you have a significant other. I thought there was only you and your dog with visits from your children.

    Love the hats


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