Wednesday, 1 November 2017

What have I missed?

I have been out of action for a few days, it was a stupid thing that did for me.
I had a small cut on my left hand thumb, a plaster for a couple of days and then it was healing nicely.
Plaster off on Sunday and business as usual.....till later that morning when it turned into a farce.
I was sorting through a basket of tangled threads and managed to swipe some buttonhole thread (thick and strong) through the cut. Of course it went deeper than the original and the blood spurted. In my haste to protect the threads and my clothing I jumped up and twisted sideways putting my back out.

Luckily the SO was there, steri strips and dressing for thumb, painkillers and hot water bottle for back and a cuppa just because.

It's a good job that I heal fast, just a couple of days and the cut is healing well, I did have to remove some skin that was dead, and I may well have a lumpy thumb. There is no feeling right on the end of my thumb on the cut, time will tell whether it will return.

The icing on the cake was a sniffly, snuffly cold that came from nowhere

I managed to do some knitting last night but have not touched my sewing yet.

I missed the first frost of the Autumn on Monday morning, shame. I missed knit and natter yesterday as I did not want to spread my cold around. That seems to have departed overnight, lovely as I was going through tissues at am alarming rate, and was considering applying for the Lead Reindeer position. 😊 

I will be doing the hospital run this morning and sit and sew at The Flying Goose tomorrow. (fingers crossed that I don't have any more accidents)

I was happy to be able to dip in the freezer for meals, minimal cooking and washing up. chicken and mushroom pie tonight (4 more still in the freezer) that I made and froze when I picked up 2 large cooked chickens for 75p each in Tesco one Sunday afternoon.
I took a litre of chicken stock out as well, some for gravy and some to make a batch of soup.

Now I need to get myself into gear for walking Rufus.

                   TTFN                                                   Pam


  1. It's so easy to put your back out, glad you are feeling better now.

  2. Ouch, ouch and triple ouch.
    You have been in the wars Mrs.
    Hope everything heals soon.

  3. I do hope you are feeling better very soon. I remember putting my back out awhile back and it was not a pleasant experience.

    God bless.

  4. Oh my gosh, what a wallop! One thing after another. I have had days like that. I don't tell this story often but I once I pulled my middle back out being overzealous in my sewing...okay, maybe it was more my posture, but I told people I hurt myself mountain climbing lol!

  5. I made a trial bowl cozy, took it to the coffee morning and just put it on the table and asked what they thought it was used for, the answers were hilarious, eventually I put them out of their misery and put a bowl was fun whilst it lasted.

  6. As I am reading your post I am soaking my thumb in Epsom salts because I have some weird infection. Hope you are all better soon.


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