Thursday 16 November 2017

Catch up time.

I made time to get to knit and natter on Tuesday afternoon, I did do quite a bit of knitting BUT much better than that, I had a lap full of love for a lovely long time. Sophie was there and a little out of sorts, she had a nap and then woke up in time for tea and biscuits. She is definitely going to be a crafter with instincts like that.

She had a chocolate hobnob and even offered me a lick, I wasn't quick enough though and the opportunity was gone in a nano second.

I only had one hand print and that brushed off my skirt, not that I was worried. Children and sticky fingers are like puppies and chewed objects, it's going to happen so just chill.

I was knitting a hat with yarn left from the last cardigan, it is just a perfect fit so have cast on another. I will post photo's and my stitch count etc once the second is cast off.

The Dresden quilt is on the sewing station, each block has been stitched in the ditch round the edges to secure the quilt. The sashing has had echo quilting along both sides and one plate is fully quilted. That was yesterday, it was a big bite but I like to start off with a bang. I will not be touching it today, it was the hospital run.

W had to be there for 9:00, of course the traffic was heavy and at times it was sit and wait, not to worry we made it in time, just.
He had his pre-op checks and then it was off for his normal clinic appointment. Luckily he was seen straight away, sometimes they are running late and it means an hour wait.

Now I am home with a cuppa and a bit of a (driving) headache, drizzle and a grey day and what appear to be completely blind drivers make for a tiring journey. One woman pulled out straight in front of me and then had the cheek to wave her thanks. GRRRRR.

Dinner tonight is meatloaf from the freezer and it is the last of that batch. I will do some smashed roast potatoes, cabbage and carrots with it. OOOPS I need to get stock for gravy out of the freezer. (done now) ( and I added the ingredients for the next batch to the shopping list) GO ME.

It's a good job that I like to share my meals or it would have been granules. I keep them in but only to shake into a casserole in the slow cooker.

I have had some lovely news but it is not mine to share...yet. I am so excited, it is quite silly. As soon as I can I will share.

That is it for now, my tea is drunk and I have veg to prep and think about baking a cake. There is none in the house, not even the freezer, and that is a rare occurrence that makes me a little bit twitchy. I haven't made an egg less fruit loaf for absolutely ages so may get the fruit into some hot tea to soak.

                                   TTFN                                            Pam


  1. Everything I bake is egg-less because of egg allergies in the family. Either I just omit it entirely or I use a substitute such as banana or apple sauce. I freeze all bananas that are not eaten when they are at their best. When I want to use them in baking, I zap in the microwave for about a minute or less and give it a good mash with a fork. It is rather yucky to peel though. Just a hint in case you are interested.
    Myra, from Winnipeg Canada where it is currently -7C.

  2. Oh Myra, I hope you are wrapped up well. I use bananas but haven't tried apple sauce yet. I have used lemon juice and the zest and that works quite well with a little extra baking powder.

  3. I often use applesauce in my baking instead of eggs. I can't remember-have you shared your eggless fruitcake recipe already? If not, will you, please and thank you. Right now I'm going out to shovel snow. It snowed all night and just stopped for a while, at noon. Supposed to get more later. It's -10C in Calgary, Canada but thankfully no wind.

  4. Great minds think alike. Tonight is meatloaf with mashed and gravy, and green beans made with beef broth. I've been craving it like mad. I'll make it early and then chill it, take it out to bring it to room temp and put it in the oven at 1700 to have it ready when the errant spouse gets home.

  5. You sound so busy.
    I haven't had the energy to do anything today.

  6. You sound almost back to fighting fit, Pam. I'm about to start knitting a wreath from Tinse yarn as a little bit of frippery for winter. Catriona

  7. It sounds as if you are moving along nicely with your quilt. Hope you post a picture very soon.

    God bless.


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