Monday 27 November 2017


I have just been almost told off for not putting a post up. 
In my defence I have been preoccupied with sewing and shuffling my kitchen cupboards around. Well, not the cupboards, just the contents. Things that I have not used for quite a while are now in the top cupboard near the sink, the most awkward one to reach. If they are untouched by the spring then they will be donated.

I have bound two of the grandchildren's quilts and the third one is ready to start, as is their parents quilt. The binding is made and ironed so tomorrow is booked. There are 4 bags that just need finishing and 3 more to make, not before January though, phew!

I spent a few happy hours at the Flying Goose on Saturday learning foundation piecing. It was great fun just a shame that it was under subscribed. There is another coming up and I have put my name down for that as well.

Last night I decided to practice Free motion quilting, not too bad considering that I haven't done any for a year or more. Well it wasn't too bad till today, the blasted machine was rattling  like Jed Clampetts car. I stripped it out, cleaned it and  threaded  it up with a new needle and bobbin and it still rattled. I put it away to look at tomorrow and got my little Singer out. It has been wonderful, a bit noisy compared to the Janome but certainly worth the space it fills.

If there are still problems that I cannot fix in the morning it will be off to the repairers. 

Dinner tonight is sweet potatoes baked in their skins with a pasta sauce that I found in the freezer. 
We are still trying to eat our way through the contents before doing a big shop to cover the week that Fran is here. I may be cooking  some vegetarian  meals as well. W normally goes away for the week, but with all the hospital goings on, has not booked anything yet. 

Ben is beside me, snoring steadily, I think that he is marking time till his dinner is put down.

The SO has a couple of free days so is painting the kitchen, just walls and ceiling, it was looking a bit tired. Now it is well on the way to being sparkling white, and looking much brighter.

He just announced that the kettle is going on so a cuppa is on it's way and I am going to quickly clear the decks. It will soon be time to start those potatoes.

                   TTFN                                                  Pam


  1. Enjoy a cuppa and enjoy the quilting. Jo x

    1. I did, both. Now itching to get another project on the go.

  2. You do have lots of projects going on, but all sound very organised. I’d love to learn more about quilting, foundation piecing and free motion quilting xx

    1. There is so much to learn, luckily there are loads of you tube tutorials. I have looked at books and magazines but watching somebody sewing is the best way for me.

  3. I love how organised you are with your projects Pam.

    We ended up with a cheese and egg salad for tea and it was lovely.

    Roz is taking me out to shop for fabric and notions for my Christmas gift tomorrow so I shall need to be getting organised once I have some time to myself.

    1. I hope that you had fun choosing your gift, I love just looking round even if I am not spending. Better than a sweet shop for me. I have to be organised otherwise it would be overwhelming.

  4. I finished our son Kris's quilt a couple of days ago and boy can I tell I haven't quilted in awhile.

    You are very busy and not having put up a post is your business and no one else.

    God bless.

    1. That was "tongue in cheek" The SO loves to read my blog, even though he is under the same roof. My little foray into free motion quilting showed me that I am rusty.


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