Sunday 19 November 2017

Too Soon, Too Soon

Just a quick visit tonight, I have been in The Flying Goose today. It was the last day of the Festival of Senses in Llandeilo and the sun shone for all the visitors.

Several people popped in and I had many lovely chats about sewing, fabric and the town.

The only cloud in the sky was a double whammy on the way home.

TWO, yes TWO houses in full on Christmas bling.

Flashing lights swarming over the house fronts, Huge trees decked to the 'nth degree and enough inflatables to float a small village.

It's still November for goodness sake.

I would imagine that the children will be full of excitement for days, only to become fed up with the waiting.
Never mind the electric bill.

Perhaps I am a fuddy duddy but half way through December is quite early enough. I love all the razzmatazz and tinsel, digging out the decorations and the "remember when we bought this" nostalgic moments.The hidden gifts waiting to be wrapped, surreptitiously, in odd minutes when nobody is around.  

But not just yet, please.

I am so happy to share the fact that I came home to find all the housework jobs done for the next 2 days. I will be able to concentrate on my quilting, lovely.

I have just watched Strictly, the results. I am not surprised at the result of the dance off but was surprised at Debbie being in it. Mind you there have been big jaw dropping moments in the past.

Now I am going to dive into Blue Planet, with the socks that are on my needles..

                        TTFN                                          Pam


  1. It seems like people are decorating their houses and trees earlier and earlier this year. Our next door neighbour put their christmas tree up 10 days ago!! They were out decorating their tree in the front yard with all kinds of christmas baubles this afternoon. I don't even think of it until December.

  2. Pam, dare I say I listened to Christmas music today while I planned my Christmas cookie schedule lol? :)

  3. I am totally with you on the Christmas front! I put my decorations up two weeks before Christmas and take them down a week after! My secret sin used to be to watch EVERY Christmas cooking program I could, sadly I can't this year, but then everything is different now. Over here, there are almost no decorations up yet. My little gift store has a lovely grotto, but that's it!

  4. Our indoor tree will be up by the first of December but nothing goes up outside until about the second week.
    No Christmas music until the week of Christmas which I think should be a rule in the shops too as I am sick to death of it already.
    If I hear I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday one more time I swear I will blow a gasket.


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