Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Cleaning up space

I saw on the telly this morning that there is a machine almost ready to launch into space to clean up all the debris.

When that is done I wonder if the Earth will get the same treatment.

On a completely different note my sneezing caused a minor accident yesterday.

I sneezed so violently that I banged into a cupboard door handle, it isn't big but it hurt and I almost saw stars.

On a better note this is now finished.

It is a gift and has been waiting for absolutely ages to be quilted and bound.


I have rounded off the corners ( thanks to Jean Truelove) but saved the detail. The piano key border was a last minute addition that will be repeated, it used up lots of scraps.

I have just started the gusset decreases on a pair of socks, I like to keep my hand in with heel flap and gusset construction, it is the best fit for Francesca. I repeated the pattern from the last hat that I finished.

I put them away in the middle of a round, bad bad, but it was my hospital knitting. When W comes out of the treatment room he just wants to get out of the building and into the car and then home.

They will be finished before next week so I will have to get another pair on the needles, or perhaps a hat.

Now I have to get ready to take the dogs out and think about dinner.  
The SO wants Christmas pudding and cream!!!? And he's started wittering on about Advent Calendar Chocolate. I may call his bluff and talk about getting the tree up.

                              TTFN                                      Pam


  1. Hi Pam :) I have an advent calendar planned, actually I'm putting that together today. We mainly have it for the treats inside though :) I go overboard on holidays! I love your quilt and socks!! I hope you feel better...a sneeze-related injury, ouch!

    1. I still have a small scar but no bruise, thank goodness.

  2. What a beautiful quilt!
    What is a piano key border? JanF

    1. A piano key border is made up of short strips of fabric sewn together like a keyboard and then sewn to the edge of your quilt.

  3. I hope all other sneezes now take place in the middle of a room! LOVE the quilt and what pretty socks. Sorry that W has to go to Hospital for treatment - no fun at the best of times.

    Keep warm.

  4. Ouch!! Hope it is not still hurting. The quilt is so cheerful - love the rounded corners and the piano key border. Great job!

  5. It would be nice to think earth would get the same treatment wouldn't it?

    Ouchy wowchy I feel your pain. I smacked my head on the unit at the side of the bed the other week and saw stars.

    Love, love, love your quilt.

  6. Lucky person who gets that quilt. I do like the piano borders and the rounded corners are lovely on your stashbuster. Catriona

  7. A beautiful quilt and a wonderful gift. I love the rounded corners.

    God bless.

  8. Beautiful quilt. I love all the lovely cheerful colours.

  9. Your poor head! I am in love with that quilt, it is so beautiful. Well done!


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