Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Flimsy is Born and Bread

The flimsy for Marina waithing for a border.
Nearly there now, the borders are cut and ready to be attached. I decided to use white to make the colours zing and cut them to 6 inches to give a finished size of 72 inches by 84. 
It is going on a standard double bed and this size will give a nice drape at both sides and bottom.
I am still undecided about the reverse, I am going to piece together a scrappy back from all the remnants and see how I feel, otherwise it is down to my LA treasure trove . Maybe a trip to my local quilt shop in Wisbech is called for.

This morning I had to split and feed the new sourdough, I did not want to waste any plus I want to monitor the changing taste as it matures. Rather than follow a recipe I added 125g of starter to 350g of wholemeal flour tipped in a little Oyster stout and enough water to make a dough.
Magic happened , the bread has a nice crumb and no air pockets, the smell is amazing and it tastes pretty good.
The stout is there to make a dark rye bread tomorrow, I will add Caraway seeds to this and hope to replicate the heavy Eastern European breads.
This corner of my kitchen holds our collection of knives built up over several years, in our opinion they are the best on the market. The little shelf unit holds an assortment of mustards, olives and all the odds and sods that I like to have on hand.
That all for now, I am off to sew the borders on. TTFN  Pam 


  1. That is looking so beautiful! So clever and such pretty fabric.

    I love seeing people's kitchens. I know which knives you mean, not cheap but all the pros love them.

    Sft x

  2. I have the border sewn on and I have made the binding. I am at work tonight and am going to baste the quilt in the canteen; There are not too many people in so I can push 3 tables together. I do not have a clear space big enough at home without moving furniture around.
    I tried lots of knives before I settled on those, at college I used Sabatier.

  3. I love your choice of fabrics for the quilt, the colours are lovely together x


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