Sunday, 28 April 2013

Slow Sunday

A warm welcome to my new followers, is is good to know that what I scribble entertains.

A late start to my day after our night out, we had a very pleasurable evening everybody there were our friends as well as work colleagues.
 The bowling was very funny they were all trying so hard to outdo each other and mostly failing miserably.
The food was acceptable but then you do not expect Cordon Bleu in a bowling alley. I made a huge Cappuccino Gateaux, David's favourite, which disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Fran asked me to make some quilted mobile phone covers, sometimes on the train her bag gets squashed and she wanted to protect her phone from damage.
I had a look on the web and there are lots of tutorials out there but I wanted something that was simple and quick to put together.
I had a scrap of material and wadding and without worrying to measure threw this together just to see how it turned out.

   This is how it turned out, far too big of course at 4 by 7.5 inches it is even too big for my Galaxy Note, it will come in for something.

I was quite pleased but did not like the top stitching down the sides so tried this.

Much better, I slip stitched the sides and used a hair elastic for closure. On the next one I intend to round off the corners. 
I asked Fran to look through my fabric and find some that she liked and she found 3! including the blue one above, this is now housing her phone. 
This took me half an hour at the most and I am almost as pleased with it as Fran is. I will make her the other 2 tomorrow, if anyone would like a show and tell on making this let me know and I will post it..

We are eating early today and it is in the oven now, Bacon chops from Mr S, jacket potatoes, veg for Fran and salad ( no I haven't put that in the oven) for us. I can barely wait I have the rumblies in the tumblies to quote my favourite character, the one and only Pooh Bear.

I love reading all the comments and do my utmost to answer them all. 

TTFN   Pam


  1. Here we go again! Pam you are so talented, I can't believe how quickly you 'knock up' something so pretty. Lucky Fran!

    Glad you had a good time bowling.

    Sft x

  2. I just love to sew and any request that allows me to play is welcome. Pam

  3. Very pretty fabric. They would make nice glasses cases too.
    Love from Mum
    PS Your name is down for the Spring Fest.

    1. I think that I would have to use some heavy duty interfacing for glasses but I may just have to try that Mum.

  4. Lovely pouches, Pam and I'm sure you'll find something to use the other one for.

    Are'nt those bacon chops a good deal? And very tasty too! I think between us - you, me and Dc, we are creaming off the major share of bacon chops and wild garlic! Lx

    1. The "prototype" now hold a sewing kit for when I am a passenger, I always have some hand stitching with me for any journey over 30 minutes.
      The chops are marvelous.

  5. Takes me half an hour to remember how to thread up the machine and another half hour to thread the bloomin needle,( slight exaggeration there I think!) by then I've gone off the idea of stitching anything.
    Green with envy at people who know how to make things.

    1. When I had my first "go" on a sewing machine it was treadle with a shuttle and the needle threaded from the side. By the time I had got it set up, that included resting my head on the side of the machine to see where to put the thread and getting my specs caught up a time or 3, I was almost too tired to work the treadle.

    2. As a child and early teenager I loved sewing on my Grandmas treadle machine, we used to have loads of laughs because I would nod my head in time to my feet going up and down on the peddle :-)

      Pretty phone cases, will it be Kindle covers next?

    3. None of us has a Kindle, I really should get one as I have no room for any more books, although I just put one on my wish list, maybe soon, my birthday is soon and Michael will be nagging me for a list of needs and wants. A new Janome all singing all dancing machine might be too big a want.

  6. I like to sew, but seem to spend life repairing and altering things at the moment. Have never patch-worked or quilted, but would like to try

    1. Every thing that is too far gone for repairing should be hoarded for patchwork, there is masses of material in most garments, and if they are faded all the better. with 4 different items you can have a sofa full of cushions just for the cotton it takes to sew them together.

  7. Brilliant idea using hair elastic. I must remember that one, thanks

  8. I can not claim credit for that, I have seen it used on many tutorials for note book covers and so on. It is so easy and cheap, and you can get them in so many colours.


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