Monday, 29 April 2013

Do You Have A Bucket List?

I read Frugal Queen's blog post last night, she made a bucket list and it got me thinking.
Do I have a LIST, the answer is 2, but could they be called a bucket list, maybe.

There are some short term things that I intend to have a bash at and some longer term goals that are on my "like to do" list. All pretty mundane, and only pertinent to me.

Short Term,
Make a Cathedral Window patchwork block.
Make a Dresden Plate Quilt.
Visit The Eden project.
Get my garden up and running, to at least the standard that it was before the floods .
Get all the clutter from every nook and cranny in the cottage, and keep it gone.
Put a Log Burner with a back boiler in the living room.
Learn to crochet, ( i hope to persuade Hard up Hester to spend a day teaching me in the school holidays)
Decide whether to make covers for our sofa or to replace it.( It is too big really but we love it)
Spend a holiday exploring Cornwall from the Lizard up.
Learn to Free Motion Quilt following a pattern.

Nothing exotic, nothing horribly expensive, all achievable. All I need to do is get cracking.

Long Term

Return to Australia to visit my "baby" brother and his family, I should have gone this year but my dog sitter is no longer around and my dogs will never go into kennels. I need to explore other possibilities.
Move to Wales, this would entail selling the cottage and will not happen until  Fran is settled in a place of her own. 
Search for and buy my ultimate sewing machine, I have narrowed it down to 4 makes and aim to do this next year. I am saving for this as it will be a big investment.
Go to California and have a meal in Guy Fieri's restaurant.
Drive Route 66
Spend a month in Italy just looking and eating wonderful food.

That is it. Again nothing exotic, nothing horribly expensive even the Route 66 can be done on a budget. The last 3 like the first all hinge on finding an acceptable dog sitter.
Once we manage to move to Wales we will have James and Cerys, Michael s son and partner on call.

Do you have a "bucket list", is it exciting? do you feel like sharing?

No photos today, we were both called in to work last night, as we had been up all day we are still a bit "jet lagged" and I could not focus.

We are having a "ding dinner" today, Curry and rice that I batch cooked a while ago, and I will make some onion bhaji's.
I hauled a joint of topside ( yellow stickered) out of the freezer and will slice it and make Beef Olives tomorrow and a casserole.
There is also 1Kg of minced beef which I will turn into food for the dogs, no shop bought stuff for them either. 

I have 3 loads of washing pegged out and the 4th has just finished spinning. Oh My, just think of the ironing. It is handy that I have 3 episodes of Paul Hollywood's TV baking program to watch.

More tea is next so it is  TTFN       Pam


  1. Interesting list Pam. I think I am going to have to give this one a lot of thought though! Cant think of much off the top of my head.

    1. I struggled to find anything out of the ordinary that I want to do. I am happy in my life, I have all that I need and some of what I want, and I know the difference. I have no desire to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on anything, even if I had them.
      My needs are simple and cost me what ever I can afford, I make it so.
      Having said that I would gladly give up every want for more time with my mum.

  2. I don't have a bucket list either. We were in Arizona in February. We decided to have a day trip to the Grand Canyon, which was absolutely amazing. We took a wrong turn, which resulted in a small detour, which happened to be onto Route 66. We didn't realize we were that close to it, so we can now say we've been on Route 66, even though it was by accident!!

  3. I watched Billy Connolly do his trip on Route 66 and it seemed as though time had stood still for 30 years or so. I know that it was filmed to be entertaining but I did a little research and it still said " do this".


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