Thursday, 25 April 2013

A Garden Surprise

I had a late start today, last night at work was hectic to say the least. I managed to fill the oven with cakes, the recipes came straight from Karen's blog, my kitchen smelled wonderful and as she suggested I used the same bowl for all 3 recipes. They are all cooling down and the washing up is done and dusted.

I have been pottering around in the garden and watching the leaves start to unfurl over the past week.
Once I had finished in the kitchen I took my washing to hang out and could hardly believe my eyes.
I walk past these every time I venture into the garden and there has just been a faint touch of green and then this morning POW

One of my "sort of" espaliered apples is covered in deep pink buds, it is the only one but it is in the most sheltered spot.
While taking this I glanced down, to make sure that I was on level ground, and spotted these.

This little clump of violets have popped up at the base of an Aquilegia, the colour is poor here, the sun was so strong it has bleached it. 
Once they have both finished flowering I will attempt to get the violets out and into a shadier spot, they have been donated by a kind bird as I have never had violets here before.

Michael finally decided what to have for Dinner tonight, Rib Eye steak, homemade chips and sweetcorn, as Fran does not eat corn I will cook some broccoli as well.

Then if I can squeeze some in a piece of cake and custard, I changed the Apple cake recipe slightly, I left out the fruit and put flaked roasted almonds in and added cinnamon.

That all for today, the birthday boy has got 2 books to show me and 3 DVD's which we will have a quick look at and probably watch 1 later. I can only hope that he does not want to show me how the router works. LOL

   TTFN    Pam


  1. I's lovely when things start waking up in the garden, my garden is just greening up but no flowers yet apart from the daffs.

    1. There is not a great deal in my garden, last year it was flooded more than not and what did not die was so damaged that I removed it.

  2. In my garden the Damson tree is absolutely covered in blossom, so I am hopeful there will be plenty for the vodka this year!

    Glad the recipes were useful, I have tried a piece of each and the gingerbread I thought could do with some stem ginger pieces in, but then I love ginger and could eat it out of the jar.

    1. This time last year my peach was in full bloom, today the leaves are just about open, perhaps I might have some fruit.
      The cakes look good, we had the apple fer pudding. I have put the gingerbread in a tin to get sticky. I put extra ginger in it and used molasses as that was what I had

  3. Hi Pam, you might need to nip out and cover it with fleece over the next couple of nights- it has forecast frosts!!

    1. I have some frames with fleece stretched and stapled in place to make the job quick and easy, although it is overcast here so maybe none tonight.

  4. Isn't it lovely when things pop up in your garden, especially surprises like those violets.

    I've had quite a few surprise primulas this year that I have never seen before!

    Sft x

    1. After last year I am amazed that anything survived, I lost a great many plants so every discovery goes to my head somewhat.


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