Saturday, 27 April 2013

Sunny Saturday

My word how fast the weather changes, when I got up it was cold, grey and raining and looked set in for the day, out came the sewing machine and I got my apron sewn together.

 I had to do some last minute changes as I have mislaid 2 pieces, the waistband and 1 of the ties. I had a piece left over and managed to get a narrow waistband out of that and had to cut the remaining tie in half. It just means that instead of wrapping round and tying in front it ties at the back, no big deal there. I put 2 small pockets in as I prefer that to a single big one and I lined all but the skirt. I am quite pleased with how it turned out.
 This was just a way of using a random yard of fabric, that I love, with too big a print for my patchwork and I have a new apron to wear.

My second win from the April Showers Blog Hop arrived this morning, the embroidery pattern.
It is very pretty but too advanced for me. I have got a book from the library and am practicing but it is early days yet and I do not want to try to run before I can walk.

If one of you clever needlewomen out there would like this let me know and it is yours.

I have a batch of cinnamon wholewheat scones just out of the oven and a coffee sponge just in,and that will be the sum of my cooking today.

We are out tonight at a farewell dinner for a work colleague, Fran has a chicken and vegetable pot pie defrosting for her dinner. To be honest I would rather have that but I want to be at the "do" tonight to say goodbye and good luck.

Michael is in his man cave making sawdust, he is so. He is cutting up scrap wood for a friends open fire and killing 2 birds with one shot by tidying the yard as well.

.Both dogs are snoozing in the sunshine and I can not fault them, it is glorious. I will have a wander round the garden once the sponge is out of the oven.

I have new potatoes planted in tubs to check on and some trays of seedlings to fuss over, I hope to clean out the small greenhouse on Monday ready for my chilli plants and maybe an aubergine or 2 if they make it.

I have to buy tomato plants this year, I just did not make the time to search for seeds early enough but several people in the village will have plants to sell soon.

The Rhubarb is doing well and we will have some in a crumble, with some stem ginger, tomorrow for pudding.
The cake is out of the oven and I am off to tootle round the garden with the dogs, they both woke up when I shut the oven door.   TTFN    Pam


  1. Hi Pam,
    I found you at frugal in bucks blog.I love the embroidery pattern they are so cute, I would love to have a go at them. I love you cottage and your quilts

    1. Kim, email me your snail mail address and they will be on their way. Pam

    2. Thank you Pam. Did you enjoy your night out last night?
      Have been reading you archives. Love your wee dog's & I was really sorry to hear your friends sad news.

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  2. I love to see the things you have made and amazes me how fast you make them. I also love the pattern x While am here I think I will pick your brains we have a small patch outside and I would love to plant some veggies what do you recommend for this time of year?

    1. It depends on whether you want quick results and what you like. To get the most for your money a wig wam of canes with climbing beans can not be beaten. Cut and come again salad leaves and radishes give fast returns, if you can play the waiting game get some sprouting broccoli plants in, it is one of the most expensive veg to buy and 3 plants will feed you very well.

  3. The apron looks great. I tend to wipe my hands on whatever I'm wearing at the time! Perhaps I should put an apron on and perhaps I'll look a little less messy.
    Love from Mum
    PS Thank you for the offer of your quilting book. I've sent you an email.

    1. Snap, that is why I wear an apron. When I have a marathon bake up I wear a wrap round apron like the ones my granny wore, it is a bit like a sleeveless dressing gown that crosses over and ties at the waist. I cobbled up a pattern from a dress ages ago. I added 2 pockets and a loop to hang a tea towel in for hand wiping.

  4. I have now caught up with the rest of your posts for the week. When school term starts my blogging always gets neglected :( I've left a comment for each post.

    It always amazes me how you can sewing such beautiful things so quickly. That apron is stunning!

    And you are doing so well with the veggies.

    I really enjoy reading about your doggies too.

    Sft x

  5. Lovely apron, pretty fabric, I like the ties at the front as I have a frozen shoulder and putting my arm behind my back is difficult, i can just about manage to cross them over.

    I'm hoping to get my patchwork bag done next week now I have all the stuff to start, time has run away from me this week.

    Sounds like your garden is coming along a treat. Enjoy your meal out tonight and have a rest tomorrow.

    Karen x

    1. I know what you mean, some days I run like mad just to stay where I am. Tomorrow and Tuesday are mapped out like a military operation. i have a list and I am determined to get it done. Today I am indulging in a little play time making quilted phone covers. You will be able to read all about it soon.


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