Tuesday, 23 April 2013

And The Luck Rolls On

Blimey, perhaps someone should pinch me to see if I am dreaming
. I really like pretty china,but for a while have been using plain white for every day. I have my Royal Albert Old Country Roses and  Violetta but hesitate to use these all the time, they are just too precious to me. Last week I was pootling around on E bay and found some Royal Albert Silver Maple Leaf, a full dinner service and a tea set. I put in the minimum bid on the dinner service and today I went to collect.
The vendor had the tea set there as well, it did not get a bid, he offered it to me for half the sum he had asked. Have a shufti at this.

6 plates in 3 sizes, 6 pudding dishes, 3 serving dishes, 1 meat platter, gravy boat and saucer,
Tea Pot, sugar bowl and milk jug, Bread and Butter/cake plate and 8 cups and saucers.
I was so pleased and the astronomical sum for this little lot........£20 yup that's right, all this pretty bone china for less than a cheapo 12 piece from the supermarket.
Happy happy happy, All my white stuff is now in a box and will go to my local charity shop this week.

To make my day even brighter I had post today, not just any old post but this

This beautiful crochet shawl was made by Hard up Hester, it is going to Poland for a baby due in my birth month, May, fingers crossed for the same date, one of my former colleagues fell in love with and married a Polish boy, they made the decision to make their home there when she became pregnant.
.Although she loves the slower and simpler pace of life there are some things that are difficult to find, pretty baby clothes being top of that list. I buy 1 item every time I shop and send it to her, I find it strange that some countries will not allow second hand clothing to be sent but Baby clothes are very cheap here.
Lynne left a comment yesterday about the books that I unearthed, Frugal in Suffolk has a lot to answer to, and now I have to go "up the Amazon" in search of Kitchen in the Hills. 

Dinner tonight will be a repeat of yesterday, Salad with whatever, that is not quite true, on my way back from collecting my china I popped into Tesco and picked up a pack or 4 roasted chicken portion for £1.10 and a bag of 8 cooked sausages for 50p, this will be dinner for the 3 of us and a sausage sarnie for Fran's breakfast tomorrow and maybe a sneaky treat for Bertie and Ben.
I also snapped up the end of a ham joint for 50p and that will join 1 of the chicken pieces  in a pie.
With all the rest of the meals coming from the fridge and pantry that will give me 6 meals and a snack plus treats for the dogs for £2.10, not bad, in case SFT is reading I am still using my change fro the housekeeping and I found £1.78 in the boot of the car to eke it out.

I have a night off tonight then back in tomorrow and then off till Wednesday, the garden beckons so I need to get gloves, secateurs, pots and seeds sorted, I need the secateurs to cut twigs for the pots so the birds do not have a dust bath in them, I will put a shallow dish of dry earth out for them.

You know what comes now, don't you TTFN   Pam

BTW who used that catch phrase, I can not remember for the life of me. 


  1. Lovely china, I love pretty crockery unfortunately mu hubby doesn't share my tastes, its plain white and boring for him and everything has to match!

    Great bargains at Tesc*s especially as they are all the basis of a nice meal.

    Love the shawl, just the job for wrapping a new baby in, your friend will be thrilled.

    As for the books .. see my comment on yesterdays post LOL

  2. I just looked on the Internet and I found a single cup and saucer for sale from £12.99 to £19.99, ooh
    so happy.

  3. Oh heck what have I started. Sadly no commission from Amazon :)
    What a bargain crockery set. Very Lucky find.

    1. I worked out that if I allow £15 for each cup and saucer that is £120, ignore the rest, I spent £20 on the lot , that means that I have £100 profit, that's a lot of trips up the Amazon, rubs hands together and chortles, while rocking back and forth with glee.

  4. That is a beautiful set! It sounds to me like you are actually going to use it on a regular basis which I think is wonderful. I found your blog through the SFT blog. I am glad I stopped by!

    1. This is now my every day china,SFT's blog is inspiring.

  5. Bargain buy with the dinner service, it is lovely.Lucky you :)

    1. I am enjoying a run of luck, I will have to think of a way to share it around.

  6. I am reading and very impressed!

    That dinner service is just beautiful.

    Sft x

    1. I love it and will use it daily, I had the teapot washed up and in use within minutes of unpacking and it pours beautifully, not a dribble in sight.

  7. I am a china fanatic! Why not use it everyday and enjoy it instead of using it for "best"?
    I cannot believe you can send used clothing to some countries...I sent tons to the UK for my son and DIL.....some regulations are so odd.....

  8. I agree, the only reason that I do not use Old Country Roses and Violetta daily is that they are just too precious but they do get used regularly. I post things all over the world and some regulations are quite beyond understanding.

  9. Replies
    1. It certainly is, I am like a dog with 2 tails.

  10. TTFN is from Winnie the Pooh by A A Milne. ( I think!)


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