Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A New Challenge

So it is Wednesday, but not just any old Wednesday, it is the first day of my new 3 day working week. I went out to buy some bathroom scales and decided to go to my nearest market town.

 It Was Closed

I thought that "early closing" was dead and buried, but no it is alive and kicking in South Lincs.

I have to go into Kings Lynn on Friday so will buy them there.


We have the most comfy 4 seater sofa in the world, it is getting on a bit but is sturdy and sound. It has loose covers that have been washed dozens of times and of course they have faded. The arm cushions have acquired the odd pen mark and a worn place or 3. The back cushions bow nicely in the middle because the dogs scramble up and lie on them, they like to watch the world go by through the windows.

To have a set of covers and new back cushions made is almost the cost of a new sofa.The main body cover is fine, just faded .

My aim is to source material that I like at a price that I like to cover the seat and arm cushions. I will dye the main cover to coordinate. Then I am thinking of buying large scatter cushions and making covers for them to replace the 2 large squished back cushions. These covers would be a mixture of patterned and plain.
This will be a deal of work and the garden will take precedence for a while, but I have all these extra days off.
 My lovely Manager has arranged my rota to my wishes so that I work Wednesday and Thursday, have Friday off, work Saturday to Tuesday and then have SEVEN days off.

I will be on holiday every other week

This was my dinner last night, roasted spiced chickpeas and mushrooms with rice , I had a  salad with it and it was delish.

The other two had this

Beef in Ale Casserole from the freezer with rice, Michael had some of the chickpea and mushroom as well.

Tonight it is something fishy with salad, we have been busy today so I will open a tin of Sardines for Michael, he loves them, and I will probably have Tuna, or maybe not, there is some of the chickpea mix left and it is just as good cold as hot.

That's it for now. TTFN  Pam


  1. Those chickpeas look delicious x I used an old quilt that I ripped open and carefully unpicked the cushions etc on our old sofa to re stuff it! We got an extra 3 years out of it before we inherited out new to us sofa we have now!

    1. I had not thought about adding extra stuffing to firm them up, That would save me quite a bit of money, the zips are all good so can be reused. That has set me on a new path, it gives me more money to spend on fabric. Thank you.

  2. Oh what a great challenge Pam!

    And how nice of your boss to arrange a whole week off. Enjoy it.

    More delicious food.

    Sft x

    1. The best bit about my week off is that it happens every other week. It means that I can take on a big project an complete it in one hit if I want.

  3. Lovely Pam as always- did the fabric I sent you ever turn up? xx

    1. Oh yes it did and I posted about it on Saturday, it is lovely, I really love the butterfly fabric and will be taking it out and about with me to se if I can get a solid to match. Francesca has claimed the blue and white for a padded phone case The black and white will become the frame for a fussy cut mini quilt and the 2 floral prints will be a pair of cushion covers. These will be show and tell posts on the blog. I just love fabric and when it is won or gifted it becomes a bit special and deserves extra consideration. Many thanks.


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