Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A New Loaf.

The first bake from a new sourdough starter
I had a request for the recipe for sourdough, my starter is years old and was a gift from a retiring master baker. It has served me well but I do not have the recipe to give.
I follow the "Simply Self Sufficiently" blog and new that she had a "fast" sourdough starter recipe.

 I made this up on 31st March and followed the method, yesterday morning at 4.30 when I got in from work I used a recipe from Paul's book and mixed the dough and put it to prove.

 At around mid day when I got up I knocked it back and shaped the loaves and put them to rise. They went into the oven for 40 minutes  at 190 c and look like this.The starter is very young and has not developed the typical beery earthy smell yet so I used a bottle of Bishop's Finger Ale for the liquid in the recipe.  When it came out if the oven the smell was fantastic.

I took one of the loaves to work and it was sliced, buttered and munched before you could say Jack Robinson ( why would you want to say that). The verdict was. Is there any more? I had a small piece and it was very good.

I baked them in loaf tins because I was taking one to work, normally I shape sourdough into a cob and would have made 3 loaves from that amount of dough.

It is a short and sweet post today, the sun is shining and I will take Ben and Bertie out for a little stroll and then have a potter in the garden,
I nearly forgot, I have a new to me potting shed it was given to me and put up exactly where I wanted it, win win. All I need now is warm weather so that I can use it.         TTFN    Pam

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