Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Baby quilt blocks and other tales

A while ago I made a stack of 9 patch blocks for a baby quilt, in a mixture of pastel shades and white. These are a dream to strip piece and I got carried away, 2 crib quilts, 2 cot quilts and a receiving blanket later I still had some blocks left, they are 6 inch square. I have 22 and if anyone would like them I will gladly send them off, made up with alternate white or pastel solid squares they will make a decent size cot quilt. There is no catch I just can not see me ever using them, after 4 repetitions it would be a step too far.

I have had a good morning in the garden giving the Pyracantha  a hair cut, in return it gave me a few decorative scratches, I will be stuffing it through the shredder tomorrow, that'll learn it!

I had to run an errand into Wisbech this morning, I drive along the 1101 and it has a notorious accident black spot. several people have lost their lives and many more been injured. That stretch is 40 and the rest is 50 MPH.

I have no need to hurry and there was a lot of slow moving traffic,  visibility is good and most of the time you can see well ahead. Just as I reached mid point of the danger zone a motorbike came up from behind, I estimate that he was travelling at 80 MPH, I used to ride a bike myself so this is not a wild guess. He had to pull out and pass 5 vehicles 2 of them lorries, he had no choice he had no time to slow down. There was no accident this time thanks to our 5 slowing down and the driver coming towards us pulling onto the grass verge to let him through.

I see many bikers on the road and for every good rider I see 10 idiots with a death wish, then when the TV is on some moron tells me that car drivers do not see bikes and kill or maim riders daily....Think Bike.. is the slogan, I feel that it should be ...BIKER THINK. When I had lessons the first thing we were told is that when a biker hits any thing the Bike almost always loses.
I am no pussy, I did a ton down the Acle Straight, with 2 up on my Triumph Bonneville, but the road was clear, it was early on a Sunday morning in the summer and I hasten to add I was stone cold sober. I only did it the once  no need to repeat.

The hedges and verges round here are golden with daffodils, these are from the small bulbs that get thrown, they are deemed too small to plant, and some get through the riddler and are discarded with loose soil and stones. However they get there they brighten up many car journeys, and then you see a car pulled onto the side and some selfish git picking them. I do not think it is illegal, they are not a protected wild flower, it is just a shame that once picked no one else can enjoy them.

I have vowed to buy no more fabric until Bonnie & Camille's new line Happy Go Lucky is available in yardage, it is out in precuts but I only buy them when on sale price, I think that I have another month to wait
and then I will have to buy from the US as I want most of the range. This is for a special project and I still have not decided which pattern to use, the problem is the more I look the more indecisive I am. If I had a mind I could make it up.
 Plus there are some very pretty fabric lines coming out now and I have some vintage sheet squares talking seductively to me and I am still only chipping away at the edges of my scrap stash. In my book anything smaller than a fat quarter is a scrap, I then divide them into small, medium and large, strips, squares and others. It sounds complicated but it works for me, I love scraps they are so versatile, some times it is scary to cut into a large piece just to get a 2 1/2 inch strip.

Dinner tonight will be pasta with a sauce of leeks, bacon and smoked cheese and a salad, 20 minutes start to eating, just the job, then I will settle down with some hand sewing. I cut out 50 hexies last night and am making large flowers to applique I think. I have 2 episodes of Paul Hollywood to drool over.

We watched the new Hobbit dvd on Sunday evening, it was good but the first 10 minutes or so gave me a strong feeling of "I have seen this before", I think that it must be word for word the same as an earlier version. The dishy Sean Bean was a tasty addition, but he was sooooooo lurvely as Richard Sharpe, I had to shake my head a time or two kept seeing him in his uniform.

I went to Dunelm Mills a while ago and bought some really pretty fabric, I dug it out last night while looking for something else, it is light home dec weight and quite wide, it was for cushion covers but looking at it I may be seeing a skirt, and then a cropped jacket to wear with jeans. It is 100% cotton and washable and was £8 a metre, so I had 3.

  I was looking for my quilting pins goodness knows where I have put them, I am sure that I have a Gremlin in the house, when what I need is a House Elf, oh dobby where are you ?
I think I have waffled on enough so it is TTFN   Pam


  1. I'd love the blocks and can make good use of them, I can send you some different fabric in return :)

    1. They are yours,I have emailed you. Pam

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  2. I am so in agreement with you over stupid and dangerous drivers - not just bikers either! Do people not know the road markings which indicate NO OVERTAKING? We went to Spalding today , bad roads if you get stuck behind a couple of slow lorries but good grief, the bad driving was horrendous.

    I wouldn't pick daffy - or any other flowers self seeded but I did go down to the woods the other day and pick myself an armful of ramsons -wild garlic - and felt no guilt at all. The whole copse is a swathe of the stuff, and cutting the leaves means the bulbs can spread.Boy have I been busy in the kitchen making stuff to freeze and keep with this lovely herb.The pesto I made would have gone beautifully with that gorgeous pasta sauce of yours!
    Loving the fabric you have there. I used to buy from the states - even with postage it was very often a lot cheaper.

  3. There are no ransoms around here but I do go back to North Norfolk at times and try to time it when they are ready.
    No more fabric till Happy Go Lucky comes out then there will be a bit of loot crossing the pond.


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