Friday, 12 April 2013

Feel Good Friday

Work went well last night, I managed to get away at 4:00 this morning and got home at 4:15, the dogs were very pleased to see me home so early. A cup of tea and a fuss with the dogs and time for bed.
Not tired, tossed and turned, Michael was like a bump on a log and snoring gently. Then the dogs picked it up and started to move around so I threw in the towel and got up.
I could not sit still so had a ponder in the kitchen and decided to tidy the dresser. There used to be a larder in an alcove but it was too small and no room to move about in and too big to just reach in to the shelves so we took it out.
On the end wall there is the dresser  that Michael made, to the left is a shallow open shelving unit which he also made and on the right is a trolley that houses the Ding Oven, the big Slow cooker, saucepans and pyrex dishes.
I chose to have curtains on the base as there is not a great deal of room for doors to open, plus I had the perfect material. this holds and hides all my baking paraphernalia and   large containers of flours, rices and pastas.
The shelves hold spices, dried herbs, pulses etc in clear containers so that I can see at a glance what is getting low. My cook book rest lives there and my cake stand, there are 3 jars of coffee at the moment, there has been 12, I only buy when it is half price or close.
On the top I store my large plastic cake boxes, they are tidy and within easy reach when I need them.
Around the shelves I have hung some of our mug collection, I change these around every so often, we must have 50 or more!
There are still some things on there that need rehoming, that is the trouble with a flat surface, it just asks to be filled. 
I hope you enjoyed this little snap shot of my life, all I need in my kitchen to make it perfect for me is four times the space and a four oven Aga, oh and and old fashioned kitchen table big enough to baste a quilt on. In other words I want my grannies kitchen.

On  an even happier note, a belated welcome to Angelsey Allsorts, I have been reading your blog for a while now, I just love your hat.

Ben seems fine, he does not like taking his pills, they are huge, but wrapped in a sliver of meat they become quite desirable it seems.

I am off to my sewing. TTFN.  Pam


  1. As regards a 4 oven AGA and a huge farmhouse table I am with you all the way.. maybe if I win the lottery!! The dresser looks lovely with everything to hand, my hubby has a thing about clear surfaces so my stuff is always in cupboards, it can be a pain at times especially when stuff migrates to the back. Glad to hear Ben is on the mend, he will be getting used to the meaty treats :-)

    Karen x

    1. I agree with clear worktops but i do like to see some of my goodies on display, I fight to keep the dresser top clear but my worktops are sacrosanct, woe betide anyone who thinks they are a dumping ground. Dinner has gone in the bin!
      Ben is already looking at the fridge longingly, Bertie has to have a treat at the same time.

  2. I always love seeing someone else's kitchen. I think kitchens are without a doubt my favorite rooms in any house.

    I really need somewhere to store my slow cooker and a few items like that. Love the curtains -- they add that soft touch.

  3. I found the fabric on an American site, possibly Pink Castle, it was $2 a yard. I stocked up on their sale fabric and even with the shipping cost it was less than half the UK price.
    I love my kitchen, just wish it was bigger.

  4. Pam that dresser looks really pretty. It just looks so warm and inviting, I love the cups and it made me want to put the kettle on and have a large slice of something fattening!


  5. I have to admit that I do love it, I like it to look just a little cluttered, it is a smaller version of one that my Granny had. I told Michael about it when we were having one of those "2 in the morning do you remember" chats. He shut himself in his "Man Cave" and 3 days later built this in the kitchen for me. Tears were shed:-).


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