Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Grey Day Grey Mood

I woke early this morning to grey skies and a damp feeling to the air, I put washing on the line anyway as a good blow through helps to soften it.
Pootled round the kitchen while the kettle boiled and put the small slow cooker on, 4 carrots, 1 white onion, 2 sad leeks and a chunk of swede all diced about 1 inch, joined by a beef cheek cut into bite sized bits ( no I did not just cut in half cheeky) whoops unintended pun. an oxo cuke and enough hot beef stock to cover, that will sit and simmer for dinner, I will throw some dumplings on top about 30 minutes before we want to eat, I forgot to say that I added a finely diced potato which will break down and thicken the gravy. Then I made some sourdough up and put to prove.

2 more cups of tea and I am human, Bertie joined me in the kitchen and his cupboard love was rewarded with a sliver of meat and a piece of carrot. Ben is still flat out snoring but he did get up at 4:30 when Michael got in from work and stayed up till I came down.

I am off to the post office soon, Dreamer is having the 9 patch blocks and I have a gift to send to Malaysia, one of the joys of working for a multi national company is that you end up with friends all over the world, the furthest away are in East Timor, the postage costs are dreadful so I am very careful about weight, this time I sent 1 of my bags.

I had a quick read through the local freebie paper and it is astounding how many new restaurants, grills and snack bars are opening up, have they not heard that we are in a recession and that people are losing their homes and families are struggling to feed themselves. There seems to be an equal number of food banks opening up.

My grey mood is simply my own fault, I could not settle to hand sewing last night so I set up my small machine to have a stab at some FMQ, not too bad but when I came to raise the feed dogs it would not happen. I took the bobbin cover off and took the bobbin housing out to have a look, no idea could not see a thing, putting it all back together I managed to crack the bobbin cover, in full clumsy clot mode I dropped the cover and then stood on it, it was not lying flat so with my not inconsiderable weight it cracked. Aha I thought I will set up the quiltmaster beastie, the bulb has fused and it was my last one. I can not sew on either till I get to the machine shop in Lynn and that will not be till Thursday.

To cheer myself up I took a photo of a quilt that I finished in early March, it was made with leftover blocks from a pair of quilts that were a wedding present last year.

This is going to Lithuania in June, I do not have to post it, one of my colleagues is going home for a visit and this is a present for her sister who used to work with us. you may have noticed that pink and green are present in much of my work, I bought a stack of fabric from a closing down sale several years ago, most of it was in those colours. You may have also noticed that I do not faff around tidying up before taking photos, if I am working I need all the gear set up ready to use, especially the ironing board, I press every seam and spray starch some pieces before sewing. the iron is almost as essential as the sewing machine.

I have decided what I will be making with the fabric that I won from Frantic and will be making a start as soon as I have a machine up and running, and I will do a show and tell.
I need to get to the PO so it is TTFN   Pam


  1. Cold and blowy here too but the washing is on the line and yesterdays ironing done. Your tea sounds wonderful, just the job for a cold day.

    Quilt looks gorgeous, just my colours too. I can't wait to see what dreamer makes with those blocks, she makes some lovely things especially the teddies.

    I am waiting for the batting |I ordered yesterday, its been dispatched, so a little call into Dunelm tomorrow (its next to lidl :-) should see me starting the charm bags, squares are already cut out just need some lining. Fab video tutorials on that site, thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

    Enjoy your day and your stew and dumplings later ...yum!!

    1. My word you have jumped straight in the deep end, I hope you have fun making the bags. I have made several things from Jenny's tutorials, she is so natural and relaxed, she makes you feel that nothing is beyond you.

  2. Blimey, you are quick off the mark! I've only just left a comment on your previous post!

    Cheer up. We are going to have to get used to this peculiar weather; yeah I know, it dips the spirits somewhat, I'm pretty susceptible to atmospheres and grey days, but I need to give myself a kick in the pants or I'll go down that long dark tube.

    Lovely Lithuanian quilt, I'm sure it will be appreciated; hope you get your machine sorted.

    1. I will never gather any moss, it is my Grannies fault I can hear her now saying " the devil makes work for idle hands"
      I had a quick look on the "local E bay" site and placed a bid on a back up machine. I did have a very elderly singer but it died over a year ago and I became too blase to replace it. I have taken Ben out for a long walk, my washing got dry and the sun is shining.

  3. Another lovely creation, very spring like and I am sure it will be appreciated.
    Looking forward to the postman delivering me the blocks, thanks :)
    Could you send some sunshine this way too please, we still have gale force winds and driving rain here..

  4. Sorry Dreamer, I need all the sunshine that i can get, with no sewing machine i have been reduced to housework oh and washing dozens of seed trays and plant pots.

  5. I was in a grey mood today too Pam! Don't worry.

    Your lovely quilt is going to be loved in it's new home.

    Sft x

  6. I was fine by the time I went to work, glad to catch up on the gossip.


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