Sunday, 7 April 2013

It's a Breech Birth.

Oh , blood, sweat and tears. Not really, sweat oh yes, a few bloody hell,s and lots and lots of tea.
I am almost there, the main quilting is done, I just have to quilt round all the blue bird squares, the binding is made and will be on later.

Here it is , see the stripy backing, a lucky find.

On a very happy note I have a new follower, Dreamer, I found her a few weeks ago and had to read her blog from the beginning, very inspirational, and am so glad that Hubby is home and mending.

Mrs Frantic had a giveaway and  I WON , I have had a quick buzz round my blog list and looked at my winnings, the wheels are turning, there is a little idea growing. It is such a good thing that I have 7 days off from Wednesday. I have set myself a new challenge, I will post about it tomorrow, I have a cushion to make and send to Miss Ipie (that is already cut out and pieced).and now this .I love being busy.

I had time to throw a bit of gammon in the slow cooker this morning, it was in the freezer from a few weeks before Christmas.  While looking at the bacon I saw a stack of these little joints reduced to £1.50. I checked to see if it was correct and bought all 8. Each one will be a hot meal , with enough left to go into a Chicken and Ham Pie and probably a sandwich or three.
We are having jacket potato and salad with it, I can almost taste it.
The potatoes will go in the oven with the experimental bread and use up all the oven space, I made enough dough for 4 loaves, 2 will be taken to work tonight.

That's it for now, I am off to my sewing, Michael is getting dinner organised and all is well with my world. I will show you the bread tomorrow. TTFN   Pam.

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  1. we also had slow cooked gammon today,we had it with roasties and veg and there is enough left for sandwiches and a batch of split pea and ham soup.You got a good deal with yours.


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