Saturday, 13 April 2013

Simple Saturday Sewing

What a funny start to the day, when I got up it was sunny, on went the kettle and the washing machine. Tea made and drunk, quick run through the shower. Kettle on again I looked  out of the window and it was grey drizzle. I had some more tea and a mumble and mutter about said weather and thought Quilt Shop, so off to Wisbech, parked on the Horsefair and the clouds went and the sun came out so I had another little mumble etc.
The quilt shop had just the batting that I needed, at a very good price, so I got enough to last me a while. 
I had a little excursion into a couple of shops and picked up an outdoor electric extension lead for the chipper before driving home, popped into Asda for some coffee that is on offer.

Another cup of tea and out with the sewing machine. I made a charity quilt a while ago and made far too many blocks. There were not enough to make a full size quilt but just enough for a snuggle size, I had some deep pink minky to back it with so no wadding needed.
This was the result

I am sorry for the poor picture but I am missing my quilt holders, she is shopping and he is chipping at the bottom of the garden.
The blocks are disappearing four patch in shades of pink and was a rushed job and the Minky was a nightmare to sew, but it is so good to snuggle under, Bertie loves it and it was in a post earlier with him snoozing deeply.

I am still getting on with the padded tote bags and cushion cases. Miss Opie won one from me and it will be in the post on Monday, I hope that she likes it.

I was lucky enough to win some fabric from Frantic Antic and it arrived yesterday, it is lovely.
as soon as this lot of sewing is done I will be using every scrap.

We are having a lazy dinner tonight, Sausage, egg and chips homemade in the oven. Roast Chicken tomorrow with Yorkshire Pudding, roasties and lots of veg., I might make stuffing as well with some sausage meat and bacon in it. Then some can find it's way into a pie later in the week. I think I have talked myself into that!

That's it from me for now, tea break is over and the sewing is calling me, BTW it is now raining, 
at least the weather is not boring just a bit Bloody Minded. TTFN  Pam


  1. I have made a couple of quilts using the disappearing 9 patch .The first one I bought as a kit from Bramble Patch . They both must be somewhere on older blog posts.
    Yours looks good . I love fleece and minky fabric .

  2. I started making a disappearing 9 patch with William Morris fabric, when I had made all the initial blocks I did not like them so they are languishing in a cupboard. Their turn will come. Now I need to look up Bramble Patch.

  3. I had to laugh, Pam when I read Karen's Chelmarsh post and saw your comment - I have today nipped out to that very same super-store for some cooking bacon! I live a little closer than you to be sure.

    And another coincidence - I used to teach workshops at that very same quilt shop some years ago. My word, how time flies!

    I have to check out the blog you mentioned on an older post, in order to have a go at sourdough bread; I've always thought it a big faff to get the! I do always keep a bit of dough back in the fridge for the next loaf, which works in a similar way, but it is not the same as a full-blown sourdough. Yours looked fabulous.

    1. I have carried on using the "new" sourdough, I am a bit of a rebel though,I do not stick to the same flour every time when I feed it. Yesterday I used it to make Spelt bread so used some of that flour, Monday I will use a mixture of Wholemeal and Rye, the next time it will be white. This way we do not get bored with the bread and the starter keeps very lively.

  4. Just out of curiosity how many hours does it take it to make a quilt big enough for a single bed? I am considering getting a sewing machine and having a bit of a try at quilting.

    1. If you start off with precut fabric you could make a simple quilt in a weekend. remember that quilting is meant to be relaxing, the only times I hurry is when the recipient is bouncing up and down waiting.

  5. Lovely quilt :)
    I must have ago at the disappearing 4 patch, I have done the 9 patch but I like how your blocks look.

  6. I have made this block up in many sizes over the years, that one used 7 inch squares but I think that 5 Inch charms give the best results.


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