Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Best Things in Life are Free, if you have the time to find them

Darling Grandson ignoring his baby sister.
This photo was taken some time ago, Junior had not decided yet how he felt about this intruder. Fast forward a little while and she is the center of his universe. More pics to later.

A big welcome to SFT and Rachelradiostar I hope you enjoy the ride. It is almost as good to have followers as it is to be a follower and get so much help and inspiration and entertainment from the various posts.

And the winner is.....Jen, Miss Ipie., I have left a message on your blog, email me your snail mail address and choice and I will be in touch.

I was enjoying my new sense of relaxation at work last night, my mind kept wandering of in all sorts of directions and finally this popped out.

I love you as the flowers love the embracing warmth of the sun as it kisses the unfurling petals
I love you as the leaves love the gentle breezes that send them shimmering and dancing on their branches
I love you as the earth loves the raindrops as they encourage new growth to emerge to begin the cycle of life
I love you as the ocean loves the gathering storm as the lightening bolts display the seething waters in all their glory

Who are you to command my unwavering love
You are Freedom of choice
You are honesty and Integrity
You are the Air that I breathe
You are Life itself

I used to do this all the time but over the last 10 years of stressful work it had left me, it is only now that  realise just how much stress I was under.
I do not claim to be a writer or a poet, I love words and my mind just minces away, grinding and forming them into a cohesive whole. Sometimes it is humour, sometimes rubbish, but today  it reflects my new work life balance.

My Norfolk upbringing tells me that it is all "a load of squit and nonsense" but at the same time us Norfolk folks have a little saying " We do Different"
 nuff said.  TTFN  Pam


  1. Ah that photo is pure gold! Lovely words in your poem x

  2. Love the photos very adorable xReally pleased i won the prize am on mad shifts will send you my details when I get a little time x x


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