Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tuesday Thoughts

This weight loss lark has got me thinking, first of all I need to buy a set of scales. I got out of the shower this afternoon and had a critical look at myself. My conclusions are that although I go in and out in all the right places I do not go in far enough and I go out a bit too far. Simple hey, but how often do we really look at ourselves.
I am the classic British Pear Shape with the beginnings of a muffin top, I do not look too bad for my age but I want to look better. I also do not want to starve myself or spend most of my free time sweating in a gym. What to do? I did consider a slimming group but it is not in me to commit to turning up week in week out and agonising over a tiny loss or gain. It is wonderful for many people, I have work colleagues who swear by it, trouble is they have been going for years and losing and gaining the same 3 Kg.
It is bad to put things off till "tomorrow" but tomorrow I start my new work rota and will have more time to spend on this, I am also hopeful that once I am in the swing of gardening and turning out corners of the cottage that have not seen me for months the weight will start to move.

This is my favourite corner in my kitchen, we drink a lot of tea and a little coffee and I like to have everything to hand, we also like a hot chocolate or two. there used to be 3 biscuit tins here but they have been banished, it is all to easy to eat 1 while the kettle boils, another while the tea brews and then 2 more with said tea. No sense in lying about it, that is what I have done too many times.

This does not help, these are cinnamon cookies, homemade and very very moreish. The problem is that I love to bake and if an idea springs into my head my hands take over and out comes the baking stuff.
I suppose that it could be worse, at least it is not cigarettes or booze or online bingo.

Then there was last nights dinner

I made 3 of these, 1 each and we had vegetables and onion gravy with them, no potatoes though not with all that Yorkshire Pudding. I should have made myself a smaller one, I have a stack of these foil dishes, in different sizes, they were given to me and I use them about 3 times before recycling and have enough to last another year at least. This one measures 9 inches by 5 and is 2 inches deep.
 I am not an idiot, I know that portion control is important but habits die hard, a few years ago when I was working very hard I needed to take in more calories to maintain my weight, as I  have aged I have reduced my workload but not my calorie consumption. 
It is only over the past year that the weight has gone on and it is not a huge amount YET. I know that I have waffled on for yonks about this but more and more of the blogs that I read are focusing on it, must be the spring sunshine 
. If we could all have our bodies airbrushed as every model has her photos done  there would be no issues, I take that we all know that all those perfect bodies are either airbrushed or the models are at starvation point, eating tissue paper for goodness sake. it is enough to drive me to chocolate! whoops.

waffle over, I will try for a more entertaining post tomorrow. TTFN Pam


  1. The quilt is lovely and the bread looks good.
    I watched Paul Hollywood make a sour dough starter last night , do you think it is worth making for one person ?

  2. Of course it is, after all it is for you. Have a look at Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on the internet, he promotes sourdough. When I divided the new starter I did not throw it away but made pizza base and pancakes. Once you have it 2 weeks old just whisk it up every day and feed it when you bake. Can you share the baking and the cost with someone, have a bake out and some fun.

  3. Hi Pam,

    What a lovely corner of your kitchen. I love the whole 'tea' thing, choosing the cup, making it just the way I like it and of course, sitting down and enjoying it.

    Sft x

    1. We do make proper high tea at the weekend without the piles of dainty sandwiches or fancy cakes. I always make a small cake or a batch of scones and we have cream and homemade jam, but 1 each. It helps to keep the weekends different from work days.

  4. Hi Pam , re your comment on my blog about machine embroidery . I do not own a embroidery machine.
    You just need a zig zag or a straight st,. machine that you can drop the teeth . the emb,. is free form like machine quilting

    1. I have replied by email, I just have not got round to trying FMQ yet and embroidery frightens the life out of me. Now that I have cut my work hours i will start ticking things off my List.

  5. We are tea drinkers mainly, but have two coffees a day one about 11am and another about 3pm. I have just persuaded my hubby to stop having sugar in his tea and after 60years of enjoying sweet tea he has finally given it up and said he likes it :-)

    Karen x

    1. Miichael has 2 tsp sugar in strong coffee, Fran and I do not touch it, we are the tea fiends and when we are at home together the kettle is never cold.

  6. Ive switched to Green tea with lemon as I don't feel like dunking biscuits in it. I've also turned my back on crisps! 6 weeks 3 days now. Not that I'm counting or anything!!

  7. I drink a myriad of fruit and green teas, plus a good strong black tea. I am off to buy a set of scales today. I may have to huff on my specs to blur them a bit before getting on them.


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